When Darlyn and friends (without kai) finds a mysterious crystal stone amulet locket while digging through the graveyard, a Ghostly Mist stone warrior covers the battle festival. Sensei wu and garmadon, however, refuses to return the amulet that apparently belongs to the Mist ghost stone warrior's long lost wife. Clary robert (kai's great-great grandmother). Now Darlyn and lloyd must protect and save their childhood friends from the vengeful mist spirit stone warrior.


Special episode start with darlyn and friends on graveyard digging to find four item for contest (except kai who work in his blacksmith), when darlyn and lloyd found two grabbing hook, then found mystery crystal stone amulet locket with image of clary robert (kai's great-great grandmother) and text word: Clary, as she keep it on her pocket and walk to tournament, while the arms of a stone warrior tries to get it back, but fail as darlyn and friend run inside.

In inside, finn is tries to clean medals on picture frame, but fail as he cant reach to clean, while asks slicer, who is busy on it while darlyn use her grabbing hook to get it and finn clean it now, darlyn show him clary's crystal stone amulet locket, while wu and garmadon sees a amulet to take it sir slicer told them it they stole it someone will get it back, darlyn use the Digital watch as the Computer to tell why it belong to stone warrior's long lost wife. Clary Robert. in curse of deadly sins emergency. a brief flashback, the couple heroes are allready defeat Oceania trump gang, before end, she died of curse (expect clary's friends, their children and clary's husband danny jimson who survives the curse) the curse destroy gravetomb while clary give her husband. Danny jimson who dies after killed in earthquake (just like in Aftershock). That Danny think darlyn and lloyd's childhood best friends are stolen the amulet locket from danny which he made revenge on them, while wu and Garmadon gave maria's father for contest and gave them a money, they are despair about stolen kai's great-great grandmother's amulet.

In blacksmith shop, kai get scared of mice and piranha bite on his side, tries to get our of them. But he was saved by arrival of his two adoptive siblings who tell kai revealing pinky and sneaky are their pet and kept in cage and fishbowl, kai climb out of chair they told kai, that danny is his great-great grandfather, kai must get it back for him.

At battle festival, Manolo and Joaquín tries hands of maria on tournament while pirture themsevles at photo both then they battle for themselves and Kai shout for everyone warning of something dangerous in the oncoming mist like stone warrior. Shortly after, the ghostly mist stone warrior envelops the tourament, making it impossible to see outside, and a violent, earthquake-like tremor hits, revealing stone warrior was danny, who come to revenge on them and the tries the close door, but fails when the mist enter inside they sees the photo images of themselves and their childhood best friends are disappeared and they must escape into roof to save them, wu and garmadon will never give danny a amulet, causing danny use mist cover them all and kai scream like tom cat as he use chainsaw (which get from thomas's super box of Tools that Kai took for himself to save them) cut the circle strike them, kai grab and throw into stone warrior's mouth with amulet and stone warrior return into his Gravetomb, while wu and Garmadon chase after him as mist are gone and they are about fall off the roof, but darlyn and lloyd use grabbing hook to save them.

In day time, kai,jay,zane and cole are dating angela,nya,kalen/pixal and kira while darlyn and lloyd video to upload in Facebook with dianne and window, lloyd said "i wonder where dad and uncle wu" and window said "where is my aunt and mom" back at the graveyard, the skeleton and zonbie bride armies are tries to get them out of hole, revealing wu,garmadon,emma wu and misako Garmadon are in gravetomb of families member and found amulet, danny and clary appear asks it mine, garmadon in anger saying "get off our property" tv special end with in show logo, locket with sign say "the end ?" While wu say "stupid mist".

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