Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole will help Darlyn and Lloyd protect her house from Jones who plan to narrates the proper etiquette for throwing a wedding party, which includes, They invite Straw hat crews, Z fighters, and more. A singer named Lola Vallez and a famous pilot called Walter Fairbanks wants to marry and Grimsborough Police invites The Teammates crew and Little Helpers. The Minions, Kevin, Bob and stuart comes to the wedding too, nearly causing Their trust to Walter lose.


The short film start with Chief King Tells jones that in order to successfully prepare a wedding party, Jones need Ramirez, who botches the invitations by putting the Invitation Letter in the envelope, and inviting the one of the crop of society at Grimsborough (ironically, The Lover Teammates crew are in seedy motel, The Teammates crew's Allies at the houses, and the emily potter playing dice in a mystery shack with her friends).

Meanwhile darlyn wake up from alarm on her iPad, while she cleaning herself as she is playing her iPad, an invitation letter from A singer named Lola Vallez and a famous pilot called Walter Fairbanks suddenly arrives and landed on IPad's face. Darlyn took it and at first, she was angry. But at when she look what was inside it, she joyfully prepares two wedding rings for Walter to give to Lola and Darlyn and Lloyd asks her friends to invite them as they immediately rides her flying hoverbike as car, which already has a giant ribbon. However, The Teammates crew and Little Helpers didn't notice that Minions were in her car too. At the church, the Teammates crew are standing right beside the priest. Because of high happiness, Kai (Except The Teammates crew Who got burned on Floor, jumping.) suddenly cries like Lava loudly, surprising Walter and Lola. Jones puts some of the water from Kai's eyes to Kai's eyes. Jones gives Kai a handkerchief, in which Kai uses immediately. Kai puts Jones's handkerchief on His shirt pocket. Darlyn hands over the two wedding rings to Jones, in which Walter was happy and surprised. When Walter opened the small box where the two wedding rings and showed it to Lola, everyone was surprised to see The minions inside the box, playing with the two marriage rings. As She screams in terror then faint, causing Grimsborough Police's Allies shocked, Kevin Hi five At Stuart.

The Teammates crew take out the weapon, but Kai accidentally hit jones's hand causing jones screaming in pain When He take The rings, the heroes chase after Minions, The Teammates crew accidentally hit the priest, Father Von Pratt on head then hit Lola in the head, Walter screaming in horror, Martha's Daughter, Abigail"Abby" faint in horror. Jones get mad because Kai hit Lola then Jones slap Him with His hands as the Minions goes into Abigail's dress, after wedding the people throw rices on them. At party Jones give Kai a helper snatcher. But he accidentally beat Abigail, Jones asks Darlyn the helpers is in the hat as the little helper escaped then they eat as the lover teammates crew and the Teammates crew's Allies screamed As The teammates crew chase Minions into wedding cake but ended up land on Adam Bentley as little helpers in jelly landed on Gru's head. As pictures taken.

Grimsborough People walk away, but Jones play a song for them goes into Darlyn's house to throw a party. That night, all the guests arrive at the mansion, in a sequence that’s mostly dead air. Elf and Ginger takes the coats of everyone. It’s also proper dinner etiquette to announce the guests who have arrived, which is more dead air, as it’s just Ramirez listing off the names of characters who have appeared on the show.

Once the guests are seated, Sarah prepares the soup, which just consists of spraying it on the guests with a hose. Jones prays and everyone eats the appetizers. While this is going on, Jones demonstrates how to keep the conversation lively and interesting; he demonstrates on Flippy, who furiously and impatiently bangs on the table. Jones tries to calm him by saying, “Why Emperor Flippy, you looks awfully inflamed today!” That does the trick. Finally, everyone chows down on the main course: Sheep livers with dusty wig stuffings. Haggis thinks it’s a little bland, so he dumps chutney on it. Then we get a long sequence of everyone burping (The Teammates crew are flattered by it), everyone except Powdered Toast Man, who thinks it’s bad manners. This, coming from the superhero who farts of peoples’s breakfasts, they could’ve had ANY character in PTM’s place and it wouldn’t have made a lick of difference. In fact, the whole cartoon is like that; everyone’s interchangeable, which sort of defeats the purpose of a fanservice-y reunion episode. Kai and Jay encourages PTM to burp (“Our friend Powdered Toast Man doesn’t realize that it’s better to burp and bear the shame, than hold it in and bear the pain.”), but he adamantly refuses, which causes his toast heads to explode from his body, where they’re instantly eaten by the Flippy. Is Jones at all phased by this? No, he casually says, “Oh well. When will they listen to the master of etiquette?”

After dinner, the men and Women retreat to the bathroom, while The Lover Teammates crew and the women get their bunions shellacked by The Little Helpers. But The Teammates crew wants everyone out, because it’s getting late. Just as Jones and friends begin to move the guests towards the exit, the front door opens, and Darlyn's and Dianne's. Darlyn's and Dianne's father and Mother angrily questions, “Hey! What are YOU people doing in Our house and Our Children?!” The Teammates crew freaked out that They been caught as Cole Point bandit then Grab Minions who disguise themselves as a woman and Everyone freaks out and ditches as quickly as possible. However, it’s revealed that Jones paid Darlyn's and Dianne's Parent to arrive so everyone would bolt. I guess this means that Darlyn's and Dianne's Parent let their Children borrow the House for the night? Or that that’s actually Party and he simply paid Their parent to come over.

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