During the kai's 37th birthday party, Angela and friends are kidnapped by Oceania hollow fearsome crew and Trump Siblings, after the death of kai's close friend, darlyn mae/mrs. mae As male Spinjitzu master kai is back and out for revenge with his close friends, Olivia, when his teachers is murdered, The teammates crew and the lover teammates crew battles supernatural forces and the evil Dr. nightmare from taking over world by marrying the foul-mouthed waitress Andrea scarlet Von Crystal (Sandra bullock) mark of the devil on her backside.


Prologue start with cryptkeeper tells a story mr. Rob zombie present Battle of six element ninjas, a young girl named darlyn who work after return to her adoptive family and they must battle the supernatural and beware as cryptkeeper walk away from stage, laugh.

Movie film start with a villain named dr. Nightmare want to take over world by marry a woman with devil mark on her backside was andrae scarlet von crystal.

Meanwhile, darlyn and friend plan to celebrate of Kai's 37th birthday, kai who hideout from his hatred birthday, but he got caught by his friends, while his towel off of him and his towel was returned to him by darlyn, they are force kai celebrate on the birthday on party bar called ninjago patrol, dr. Nightmare force his hecnhman, courage dog to kidnap andrae scarlet von crystal, kai must save her, but fails as he was spotted and grabbed by his freinds, cole say the game called skinny dip game Kai's friends and skeleton armies strip his trunk from him and forces him swim in pool outside from Angela's house as Angela get rejected and cover her eyes, so darlyn throw a trunks for kai, who running away from them but he was saved by A museum chaperone named caroline jones, the twin sister of andre jones, who takes darlyn, friends and a group of skeleton army on a tour of ninjago folk myths and legends. She tells them the story of the ninjago town of garden kingdom from the Battle of six element ninjas, which holds every story in the world.

The spirits maleficent, ruler of the Land of the joyfull heaven, and King stepfan, ruler of the Land of the Fobidden hell, set a wager at Ninjago's Day of the war festival after seeing two kids, Lloyd Montgomery/Mr. Montgomery and Darlyn mae/ Mrs. Mae, competing over a young man named Kai dreamer. maleficent bets that Darlyn will help kai to married a woman named angela, while King stefan bets on Lloyd. If maleficent wins, king stefan can no longer interfere in mortal affairs, but if king stefan wins, he and maleficent switch realms. However, king stefan cheats by giving Lloyd his Medal of Everlasting Forsaken heart, which grants the wearer invincibility. meanwhile the teammates crew went to see Queen claire, who sent The teammates crew and the lover teammates crew to travel around the world in 80 days to went the kingdom of riverstone to make peace with the Joyfull peoples. The Joyfull People and the Garden people had been feuding with each other for centuries over misunderstandings, but kai was not prejudiced. Even so, he was too unconfident to go, and had to be encouraged by Angela. Finn and friends helped The teammates crew and lover teammates crew to pack and they and their pets went to travel around the world in 80 days to riverstone.

When the Teammates crew and lover teammate crew arrvies are shown cramped on a small dolphine paddle boat to Headed into riverstone wearing clothes for wedding ceremonies and country gown as their regular clothes were kept with their bags (except darlyn and lloyd, who was wearing their male gown outfit and darlyn's half male and female gown). They come across a boy and girl struggling in the water, and cole dives in to save them. However it ends up being a trick as all of the Teammates crew and lover teammate crew ends up getting captured by a net, lifted up and out of the water. They are brought down on the deck of another ship, where a man and a woman in a pilot's uniform stands with manolo and friends. They introduces themselves as tim and sandra wilson as the boy and the girl introduces themselves as helen and allen wilson, and they are the super Teenagers. They declare they will become the greatest fighters in the world and steal the Diamond Clock from Riverstone Island, which kalen/pixal explains is one of the greatest artifacts in the world.

Darlyn asks tim about the queen claire force themselves to save the People who was kidnapped, which he replies was taken by the Oceania hollow fearsome crew. He shows the wanted posters of Boo Jack, Honey Queen, Skunk One, Pin Joker,donny, denny, Danny,Katz, Le Quack, cruel veterinarian/Mad scientist and Bear King and the another wanted posters of Piggy jess, Fishy Prince, Granny stinky lady, Alice Honey-cane, salter jack, were-mouse/uncle carl, twins witch Kat, hollow lady, Black Puddle Queen, ocean stone lady, Dr. Octavius Brine/dave, and murder king to them. They then find a fleet of ships coming toward them, the fleet of the Trump Siblings and Oceania hollow fearsome crew. In the crow's nest of one of the ships is Honey Queen and Fishy Prince completely naked taking a bath. Boo Jack and Piggy Jess then jumps out and declares that their captain, Bear King and murder king, will become the Pirate King and island king. Piggy jess fishy Prince, Boo Jack and Honey Queen order an attack, so the pirates of the Trump Siblings and squid minion of Oceania hollow fearsome crew start leaping down to attack the Heroes. The heroes manage to fight them off, but Boo Jack himself leaps down, curling up and becoming a big spiky white ball along with piggy jess herself leaps down, curling up and becoming a big spiky white ball.

The teammates crew turned ninjas places their watch on Their hand as they gets ready to fight. Jay declares his plan, "Running is Winning", and has their boat flee from the Trump Siblings' fleet and Oceania hollow fearsome crew' fleet. In the chaos, the Super teenagers lose a small box, so Joaquín leaps into the water after it as maria whacks jay in the head to stop him. Joaquín retrieves the small box, but Honey Queen and fishy prince arrives, standing on the back of Boo Jack and piggy in the water, and Boo Jack and piggy jess hurls bombs at the boat, blowing it apart. Piggy jess, fishy prince, Boo Jack and Honey Queen kidnap lover teammates crew, as they are a great thief, and throw another bomb to make their getaway. darlyn and lloyd sinks below the ocean's surface, but cole manages to retrieve them.

The remaining Teammates crew huddle aboard the wreckage with the Super teenagers, with tim deploying a parachute as a makeshift sail. cole blames Tim's going after the music box for the reason lover teammates crew was kidnapped, but Tim explains that it is the only thing Manolo has left of their hometown. A brief flashback shows how when Maria's father found manolo, the lullaby of the music box was all that could calm him down. darlyn asks if that means manolo and Joaquín are not friends, but tim replies that they are rival even if not through blood. As they sail along, jay spots a whirlpool, and sandra says that it means they are coming close to Clockwork Island.

On Clockwork Island, in a great castle, Bear King and murder king sits on their throne while two couple explain the situation to them. They say the weapon of mass destruction he is having them build has spilled too much blood, but Bear King does not care and orders them back to work, as he will need the weapon to conquer the seas and become Pirate King. Fishy Prince, piggy jess, Honey Queen and Boo Jack come into the room carrying lover teammates crew, and Skunk One and granny stinky lady looks all over them creepily. Bear King And murder king asks if Angela will be his bride, and she glares at him, so Bear King says that she is his type. lover teammates crew tells Bear King and murder king that she cannot stand hairy men, so they offers to shave, but then says that she hates weak men more, doubting that Bear King and nurder king could beat Darlyn and dianne. Fishy prince, piggy jess, Honey Queen and Boo Jack show Bear King and murder king the wanted poster of darlyn, and Pin Joker and alice honey-cane says that zane must be with them too. Bear King declares that he will kill darlyn and dianne and use his bounty to fund his wedding with Angela by give her a love potion with needles and he send her to hospital. On Hospital Angela wake up the room and she abducted and kidnapped by two lego men henry and jackie who search people for tries to remove demon curse, while ripping Angela's gown clothes and rape her, at until Angela was tunred into demon beast which attack two men and she escape the old house to survives armies attack Angela who goes into the house of the parker family which they tries to help kai, but until a young girl named helen parker turned into a ghost causing Angela turned back into human, naked and the family help her by cover with towel, in the house Angie wake up and put the clothes and The Wizard of the Waste, who romantically pursues Kai, visits the parker family's house only to be refused service by Angela. The Witch exacts revenge by cursing Angela, transforming her into a ninety-year-old woman. Seeking a cure for the transformation spell.

At the japan island, Kai frees a herd of pet animals from being slaughtered, angering mayor James smith, who sends him away to a boarding school in Prison. While saying their goodbyes, Darlyn gives him a baby cat from earlier and he gives her a locket with picture and names which is engraved with "Always meet your friends from the heart".

Years pass and darlyn, tim and helen's musician dreams are suppressed by Tim and Sandra, who trains them to become a super teenagers like the rest of their teammates crew, while Lloyd becomes the revered town hero with the Medal's aid. One day, a young boy was named Kai smith who travel around the world in same 80 days, On the day of Old Kai's return, a celebration is held culminating in darlyn's first bullfight with kid Kai. Darlyn defeats the bull but refuses to kill it, disappointing Tim, sandra and the crowd but impressing Them. That night, Kai shopping for a pendant in town, he encounters and fends off against two knife-wielding muggers. Later that night, Kai goes grocery shopping, but when he remembers that the muggers took his wallet, he rushes home only to find his teacher, liana slain, with markings of a barbed wire weapon around her neck. On the day of the funeral, the summer camp is visited by Kai's former close friends named Olivia Katharine.

Kai and Olivia were caught by a old man was wizard of the waste who lost his power A flashback, when Angela also meets the Wizard of the Waste, whom bear king and murder, the king's magic advisor, punishes by draining all of her power, causing her to regress into a harmless old woman and turned Angela into adult form. Bear king and murder king tells Angela that will meet the same fate, kai must bring them into 80 days. meanwhile kai meet in graveyard Ain and binz visit to gravetomb of z.

Meanwhile, Kai, Olivia, the remaining Teammates crew and the Super teenagers arrive on Clockwork Island, and immediately start heading up the winding stairs to the town that is at the top. The way is laden with traps, though, and the stairs turn to a ramp as they start to slide down, water rushing toward them. Kai and Olivia grabs on and uses rope to stop them from being skewered upon spikes, and as boulders come rolling toward them cole leaps from wall to wall, kicking them away. Zane reaches down and tears up the floor so that they can walk up the path to the top. They arrive at Clockwork Town, a fun place with windmills everywhere, and a large tower, Oceania hollow fearsome crew and trump Castle, is in the center. At the top of the tower old jay can spot the People. They decide they will get new clothes, turning back in adult form and grab a bite to eat before rescuing lover teammates crew, much to Kai's shock.

Zane, jay, and cole get new clothes that are much easier to move in to turned into adult, and the group heads into a sort of shop. Darlyn and lloyd says Clockwork Town is fun, but the two scientists at the shop disagree. They explain that they created the Diamond Clock, but ever since, they have been suffering since the Trump Siblings and oceania hollow fearsome crew arrived. Ever since, they have been creating killing weapons instead. Tim and Sandra declares that the heroes will defeat the Trump Siblings and oceania hollow fearsome crew, but they object, as they have not agreed to anything yet. Jay says tim just wants this because the Diamond Clock will be easier to steal without the Trump Siblings and oceania hollow fearsome crew around, Kai and Olivia must survived. The scientists say it will probably be better if the Diamond Clock is taken away. Darlyn then says that you cannot make a fortune without risking your life, so they decide to set out. As the group leaves, the scientists find a music box on the ground, realizing that the boy was Manolo.

In Trump Castle, angela visit to save her friends, but it too late her friends was brainwashed by murder king and bear king king, Fishy prince gets up and walks away, dropping off his clothes and turning into water as he slides into a pipe. Piggy jess decides to go too, wheeling off down a rope. Outside, the other heroes are hauled up in a small basket along a rope, high above Clockwork Town, toward Trump and oceania hollow Castle. Kai notes that the windmills below look just like his windmill (which brought from his birthday that his grandpa gave for his grandson), and he takes it out and finds it is broken. Allen quickly fixes it. Suddenly, Fishy Prince forms before them, and Piggy jess arrives as well, tossing his clothes to him.

Fishy Prince declares he has eaten the 100 lives, and so Piggy jess throws balls at them. Cole leaps out to kick him away, but spikes protrude from Piggy jess's ball, piercing right through cole's foot. Cole scream out in pain as he starts to fall. Sandra catches him only to drop him when Honey Queen floods their airship. Sanji then falls and hits the ground, hard. A mine then nearly blows cole up. He is then quickly tied up by fishy prince and piggy jess and brought to Oceania hollow Castle. Cole is dumped before Murder king and Kira with her child, and Murder King says he did not kill cole because he is Kira's husband. Angela proceeds to deny caring for him anymore. Murder King then sends Granny stinky lady to get rid of the rest of the crew.

Meanwhile, at the gate to Oceania hollow Castle, the group, minus cole, has arrived and helen goes on about how if she was captured, tim would save him no matter what, and the others see that Sandra has a metal shield. This irritates jay, who says that it does not matter at sea, and how he hates people who depend on others to save them. Darlyn then says it's time to get going, and he tells Manolo to stay behind if he's afraid. Olivia uses her supernatural fist to knock down the door, and she charges in, but is quickly mobbed by a huge group of squid minion. Zane runs in after her to help. Meanwhile, back in Oceania hallow Castle, Alice honey-cane notes how zane finally arrived.

Suddenly several pirates, other under crew salter jack, were-mouse/uncle carl, witch Kat, hollow lady, Black Puddle Queen, ocean stone lady, Dr. Octavius Brine/dave, arrive with the Sins Cannon, which is now completed. They dance, proclaiming about how much better Murder King is than Now. Cole apologizes to kira about how he could not do anything because he wanted to use only his own strength to show off to her. Murder King interrupts, demanding what Cole's relationship with his "fiance" is, and cole replies that he "want to sees a child". This makes Murder King angry, and after beating cole up declares that he will have cole crucified.

Down below, Kai and Olivia fight through the pirates when Granny stinky lady arrives, standing on a tall pole. She points them toward cole, who is hanging from a cross up high outside the castle, and so he unleashes a fog of gas, gas that will make those who inhale it paralyzed. As Their strength start to fail, jay turns to them, declaring how brave he can truly be. Jay scales the pole and grabs Granny stinky lady around the legs, holding the flap that releases the gas shut, yelling for the others to go on ahead. Granny stinky lady becomes furious, trying to shake jay off, and jay has to put his mouth over the gas release to keep the gas from coming out. The others see Jay's diversion and so they rush on ahead as Granny stinky lady launches into the air with Jay along. He lands on the balcony of Oceania hollow Castle, and jay collapses, filled with the poisonous gas. Murder King declares that jay will be crucified as well, and he is put up on a cross beside cole as Nya looks on in despair.

They rush up the stairs of the castle, fighting through the enemy pirates, but as they near the top they come to a chamber where the floor and ceiling close in on them. They struggle to hold it up as allen and Helen is knocked out, and tim takes them to safety. Tim reveals that he was the one to kidnap the people, as he wanted to bring the The heroes to Clockwork Island. Zane blames it on Tim's greed for the Diamond Clock, but tim replies that he wanted the Trump Siblings and oceania hollow fearsome crew defeated so the island could be free and his twin sister Sandra and younger siblings allen and helen could meet Manolo's family, as Clockwork Island is his home.

Tim rushes ahead to face the Trump Siblings and oceania hollow fearsome crew, leaving young Kai, Olivia, old Kai and zane to their fate. Alice honey cane then arrives, drawing her sword and saying how zane gave him the scar he has across his face. Zane replies that he does not remember Alice honey cane, so Alice honey cane becomes angry, using blood of Arrows to stick zane full of needles. Zane falls to one knee, as the needles were tipped with Granny stinky lady's poison. Zane tells them to hold on a little longer as she draws his dagger and charges at Alice honey cane, but a fence comes up in front of Alice honey cane, causing zane to only slash it instead. Alice honey cane jabs his sword through the fence, getting zane in the midsection, and so he carries away the injured zane on the lift, where he is brought to Bear King to be crucified and pixal/kalen's horror.

At the top floor of the castle, zane, cole, and jay hang bound to crosses as Murder King readies to Sins Cannon to blow them all apart. He says that Angela must be overjoyed, but Angela aims a kick at Murder King, snapping how she'd rather die with her friends then marry him. Bear King strikes her across the face, killing her, saying it can be arranged, and so dead Angela is set up to be killed as well. Down below, manolo wakes up to see Darlyn,lloyd,young Kai and Olivia struggling under the ceiling, asking where tim went. Kai explains tim went to fight the Oceania hollow fearsome, so sandra, Helen, allen and Manolo runs up the stairs after him, much to Their dismay. Meanwhile, Murder King fires up the Sins Cannon, but before he can fire, a large metal wall comes up, with tim standing before it. He walks forward with dynamite strapped to his midsection, and holds a lighter, ready to sacrifice himself and murder king for the island. Murder King only laughs, stepping forward as he says that detonating the dynamite will only destroy the island's key, which is below his feet, within the castle. If the island key is destroyed, the whole island will be destroyed as well.

Before tim can react, Murder King starts tossing him around like a rag doll, knocking the dynamite off of him. Sandra tries in vain to help their brother. As tim hits the floor, Alice honey cane picks him up angrily after tim corrects him on a misspoken word (Alice honey cane misspeaks many times throughout the movie). Helen then tries to defend tim. Meanwhile down below, young Kai sees that his birthday windmill toy, which helen kept after fixing it, is broken, so with great fury he pushes up the ceiling, forcing himself and his friends up and through the floor of the throne room where the Oceania hollow fearsome crew are.

As everyone gapes in shock, Young Kai picks up a stick of dynamite, notes how cool it is, and lights it. Everyone freaks out for Kai to throw it away, so Kai tosses it to the iron wall in front of his crew. It blows the iron wall to pieces, and Kai asks where his friends are, which the The heroes reply to that he just blew them up. However, cole, zane, and cole emerge from the smoke, albeit somewhat battered.

With the three now free, the Oceania hollow fearsome crew burst into action. Granny Stinky lady chases jay and Nya up to the roof of the castle. Cole and piggy jess square off, and Piggy jess laughs that cole will not be able to kick him with his bleeding feet. Jay tosses down Cole's weapon to him, and cole puts them on, but Piggy jess refuses to believe they will make a difference. Jay shoots Granny stinky lady in the face with a Perfume spray, and as Granny stinky lady goes down he tosses Zane's swords down to him. Zane catches them and barely blocks Alice honey cane's sword, who took a stab at his back. Zane stands in front of kalen/Pixal, defending her. Murder King and darlyn begin their fight, as darlyn uses fire fist, but finds it has no effect. Murder King declares that his body is as strong as steel because he ate the 900 lives.

Piggy jess curls up into a ball and charges at cole, but cole sends him careening into the roof with one kick. Cole leaps up and proceeds to kick Piggy jess, several more times until he drives Piggy jess down through the floor, into the island key chamber. He again drives Piggy jess into the ground, and cole stands victorious, flicking away sharped glass, as Piggy jess lies in a bloody heap. On the balcony, zane tears off his sleeves, assuming his three sword stance, and he charges at Alice honey cane. Granny stinky lady declares to jay and Nya the power of his poison gas, and he charges at him as Nya pretends to be frightened. At the last second jay fires his Lighting Star, striking Granny stinky lady and causing a big explosion. Jay and Nya falls back into the pool below while Granny stinky lady is sent flying off into oblivion. Floating in the water, jay yells that Granny stinky lady got what was coming to him. Olivia uses Whip on Murder King, but gets all tangled up and is knocked to the floor along with Kai.

Zane and Alice honey cane trade sword swings, engaging in a fierce duel. Alice honey cane uses Blood of arrows once more, but zane blows them back with his swords. He stands back up, and Alice honey cane says how he shouldn't be able to stand with all of the poison in his body. Zane replies that he cannot fall, because he faces a long journey and there is one man at the end of it for him to beat. Zane then uses Blood slasher and takes Possessed Alice honey cane down. Upon seeing the defeat that the other oceania hollow Fearsome crew endured, Fishy Prince flees, dropping his clothes and becoming water again, heading into a pipe with salter jack, were-mouse/uncle carl, twins witch Kat, hollow lady, Black Puddle Queen, ocean stone lady, Dr. Octavius Brine/dave, but good Alice honey cane grabs the pipe and pours Fishy Prince and the others into a jars, which she, old Kai and lover teammates crew screws shut and holds down.

Meanwhile, the fight between Darlyn,Kai, Olivia and Murder King continues as Murder King's arm lights with fire. Kai grabs onto it but is singed. Murder King starts pounding them around, but Joaquín fires a missile from the Sins Cannon at Murder King. Murder King is barely able to avoid it as it smashes through the window and flies out into the sky, landing in the water with a great explosion. Joaquín says that his next shot will not miss.

Murder King becomes furious that Joaquín is using his cannon, so he pulls a gun and fires it at him. Manolo leaps in the way and is shot in the chest, falling to the ground. Darlyn becomes furious and throws Murder King through the wall, causing the entire top tower to tip and water to pour down. Murder King emerges, more furious than ever, and he climbs onto the King Cannon and fires it at young Kai smith. Kai catches the missile with chain rope, twisting rope around and stretching rope way out into the sky, and so he pulls it back in, using fire element screw to drive the missile right into Murder King's chest. Murder King is driven through the floor and lands in the island key chamber, where there is a great explosion and the island key is destroyed. Oliva tosses A camper reward to him as congratulations for defeating Murder King. Joaquín kneels beside Manolo and sees that Manolo's chest was protected by a sheet of metal under his shirt. As Joaquín carries Manolo to safety, the Diamond Clock starts chiming. All of the Heroes and maria as well as manolo recognize the sound as His music box. It is then revealed that the two scientists they had met earlier were manolo's parents.

The two hereos head back down out of the castle to the townspeople of Riverstone, and meet the two scientists from before again. The scientists explain that manolo is their son, and a brief flashback shows the mother putting child into the water, hoping that he will escape and survive.

With the key destroyed, the entire island starts to collapse, and the ship falls from it and into the ocean. The people of the island land in the water and scramble into the boats as their island is completely gone, but they know it could not be helped and that they will rebuild a new island and a new future. On board one of the ships, manolo is reunited with his parents, the two scientists from before, and he hugs his mom. As the Heroes sail in the Going Merry alongside tim and Sandra in his small ship, Sandra says that parents of Manolo are great people and that he's better off. Sandra says he is glad to be on his own, because the oceania hollow fearsome crew And Trump Siblings' treasure is all his now. However, helen and allen jumps back onto the boat, declaring that he will continue along with their older brother and older sister , and so the Super teenagers are reunited, deciding to kept the treasure between them. The Ship then sails over the horizon as They travel to Maleficent's castle to seek Angela, but only find king stefan, who explains the bet to an outraged Kai and that the murder king put Angela in a coma, but killed him. When young Angela awakens after the soul of old Angie, she learns of Child's gone and solemnly accepts angelo proposal. Kai, Olivia and the others heroes, travel to the Tower of Souls to reach Maleficent.

They meet the amiable doll prince, who oversees the lives of everybody in the living world. After seeing that Memories's story in the battle of the six element ninjas blank (due to King stefan meddling) and can be rewritten by his own actions, the doll prince takes them to the Maleficent castle. Young Kai exposes the cheating to Maleficent , who furiously summons her twin brother. Another deal is negotiated; Kai's new element will be returned if he completes a challenge king stefan sets him, but if he fails, king stefan will rule both lands and child will be forgotten. King stefan, believing Manolo's fear is bulls, manifests every bull the young Kai, Olivia, other heroes and Sanchez family ever fought which combine to become one giant one for Manolo to defeat.

In the living world, Trump Siblings, who previously owned the Medal to avenge oceania hollow fearsome crew, leads their army to San Angel to find it. Bear king kills Olivia's father, James, who joins the deceased to watch Manolo fight. Manolo, realizing his fear is actually being himself, again refuses to deliver the finishing blow, instead singing an apology to the grudge-filled spirit asking it to forgive his family, Kai, Olivia's transgressions, which it does by peacefully dissolving away. Impressed, the deities grant Manolo his life back and send him, kai, olivia and his family's spirits to the living world to defeat trump Siblings. Kai is almost killed again when bear king blows them both up (expect his crew who retreated and run away) but is saved by the 100 lives, which Karen gives him at the last second. Lloyd returns it to and resolves to be a hero of his own accord, while kai's parent to with any more tests. As a result, his body are injected, and he is send away with his family.

Moved by Kai's story, Darlyn and friends decides to give up his menial job to release Kai and take him to Olivia for save Andrea scarlet von crystal. After The story ends, and as the teammates crew and skeleton army leave the museum to darlyn's and lloyd's childhood best friends and make a holy water blood to kill dr. Nightmare. and taking a bus to her school, they find her, now a full grown, beautiful young teacher unrecognizable to kai. After a moment of confusion, Kai and Olivia are happily reunited as Olivia sings kai's favorite song called "always love you friends" and he remembers her.

At wedding party's, Kai and friends receives a text from Andrea scarlet von crystal was brainwashed by love potion of dr. Nightmare. The heroes drives to the wedding party, arriving just as dr. Nightmare and Andrea scarlet von crystal are about to be crowned. while the heroes put the bucket of holy water blood to kill him, but courage sees a bucket of holy water blood dangling above Dr. Nightmare but, before he can warn anyone, priest hustles him out, suspecting that courage is planning to humiliate Dr. Nightmare. Jay dumps the bucket of holy water blood onto Dr. Nightmare and Andrea scarlet von crystal. inciting laughter from some in the audience, until the bucket falls onto Andrea scarlet von crystal's head, hit her head. Enraged, Dr. Nightmare turned into huge muscles iron to takes his revenge telekinetically, killing dozens of people. A fire breaks out and, as the wedding burns to the ground, Emmet and friends arrives with Katie to battle dr. Nightmare, but fails the heroes are useless and Katie was kidnapped by dr. Nightmare, the heroes must save Katie but Katie want them to fight each other, manolo change his clothes to mortal kombat x character Suit to fight Joaquín as but he accidentally hit Manolo in the head with lamp causing him in furious to beat him as dr. Nightmare loss his power after he accidentally stomp Joaquín, while Kai punch dr. Nightmare with his fire fists And kick him out with technology shoes while dr. Nightmare was run over by ain and binz who chase after group of mad scientist The heroes did it again while go sing along to Kai's birthday party while manolo was in the hospital with his rival who vomit after watching that, the film end with kai and Olivia dance together.

Epilogue, cryptkeeper return to stage, revealing himself a laura's son with the flesh on his body was Andre jones today his special guest go to concert called best summer ever, he sing a song called "candy stew sugar salad" with taylor swift and Riley cyrus who was killed by Andre's wife, april jones who grab her husband to home, mid post credit scene, the group of people dance, while darlyn and friends the film end with group of mice and rats join them as kai freak out and run away.

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