The teammates crew struggle against one small bullfrog for possession of a house of wu and garmadon that was willed to them by wu and garmadon's father. The intelligent and crafty frog outwits them completely.


Prologue start with a Angela's grandmother buy a story book called "frog of girl" for a ten year old angela want to kiss a frog on her story. after years later, a evil witch named puppets who killed angie's grandma and turned angela into a frog, that she must finish her story for save her.

Movie film Start with When wu and garmadon's father, the First Spinjitzu Master dies, he leaves his outdated school academy and a run-down the Monastery of Spinjitzu to his two sons, wu and garmadon with their student kai,jay,zane,cole,lloyd and darln. When Darlyn declines an offer by representatives from the large Zeppco conglomerate to buy their schools, her teacher, ruby promptly throws her with her parents out. Meanwhile, Stan serves man arctica at his restaurant in anticipation of becoming a famous chef for serving such a high-profile guest. However, the man arctica accidentally consumes a cockroach (which came from wu and garmadon's old box of Cuban cigars that Darlyn and lloyd took for their childhood best friends) and suffers a second heart attack, this one fatal. As a result, Stan's restaurant is condemned and he too is out on the street.

Both homeless and jobless, The teammates crew are forced to live in the Monastery of Spinjitzu together. Finding blueprints of the Monastery of Spinjitzu, they discover that it is a lost masterpiece designed by famous architect linda LaRue. Alexander LaRue, a wealthy LaRue collector and husband makes an offer, but Darlyn declines under the belief they can make a larger profit by restoration and auction. However, the the teammates crew have already realized that the house has an occupant: a tiny and treacherous frog was Angela. Fearing a repeat cockroach incident, Kai decides that they need to get rid of the bullfrog. Despite attempting a wide array of methods, including numerous mousetraps and a vacuum cleaner, they fail. To make their situation worse, Kai borrows $1,200 against the house mortgage to buy a jacuzzi tub (which is lost to the bottom of a frozen nearby lake), and the bank threatens to foreclose on the house in two days unless they reimburse the money. The teammates crew purchase a monstrous snake called'"Snakezilla" to deal with the frog while they set out to find a way to pay the mortgage. Snakezilla chases the frog Angela throughout the house, but gets tricked onto the dumbwaiter as the frog sends it on a one-way trip down to its demise. They then hire an eccentric exterminator was karen smith, jayna walker, suzane julien-Robert, colena Hence-Buckets, sarah windmill and bella stronger/claraline to handle the frog, though they too are outsmarted.

Meanwhile, Kai attempts to raise the money by withholding the salaries of the g,f,a's student. The angry student instead go on strike, and Kai's attempt to run the school himself ends in disaster. Elsewhere, Darlyn and lloyd discovers documents about the offer for the factory and attempts a rendezvous with the Zeppco representatives. However, distracted by two attractive Belgian hair-models named nancy and Andrea while they are waiting, they are struck by a bus and rushed to a hospital, missing their appointment. kai later meets Lloyd and darlyn in the hospital and explains that Angela, realizing kai' possible auction profits (and having made love with him upon finding out), has agreed to pay the mortgage off.

Upon returning home to find a banged-up and delirious Karen and friends being carted away by paramedics, the teammates crew resume their task to kill the frog with renewed obsession. When Kai chases the frog Angela up a chimney and gets stuck, Darlyn tries to light a match with her friends while the frog starts a gas leak, creating a terrible explosion that blasts Kai out of the chimney and into the lake where he lands in his sunken jacuzzi tub. In rage, Kai grabs a shotgun and fires it at the frog, accidentally shooting a compressed can of pesticide left by Karen and friends that explodes and causes enormous damage to the property.

As the teammates crew recover from the blast, Zeppco calls and leaves an answering machine message stating that since Kai never showed up, they have withdrawn their offer to buy the factory. Now angry at each other for all the lies and deception, the teammates crew start arguing and the subject shifts towards the First Spinjitzu Master, who always favored kai over Darlyn and lloyd because Kai was the adoptive brother, and Darlyn expresses his frustration at how he was never able to win wu and garmadon's father's approval before his death. At the height of their arguments, Kai triesto stop fight for them, while lloyd throws an orange at Darlyn, but accidentally hits the frog and knocks her unconscious and at first they think she's dead. Unable to finish her off, they instead seal the mouse in a box and mail him to Fidel Castro in Cuba. With the frog seemingly gone and with Ruby having paid off the mortgage, the teammates crew reconcile again and finish renovating the house.

The night of the auction finally arrives, which is attended by lina, Teachers, Nancy and Andrea, and a wide variety of international multi-millionaires. Linda attempts to get Kai to call off the auction with a $10 million offer, but Kai declines and the auction soon begins. However, Darlyn discovers the fro's box in the snow outside, returned due to insufficient postage and with a big hole gnawed through it. The teammate crew panic upon seeing the frog return, but attempt to maintain their composure as the auction continues. When the frog's antics starts sparking panic and riot in the guests, the the teammates crew desperately attempt to flush out the frog by feeding a hosepipe into the wall. As the auction reaches a record $25 million bid, the house rapidly floods through the walls and finally the floors, and all the people are washed out of the house as it promptly collapses. Watching as Teachers and all the bidders leave in disgust, the teammates crew' only consolation is the fact that the frog must finally be dead, but she kiss at Kai as she turned into human, naked causing her screams.

With nowhere else to go, the darlyn and lloyd return to the factory and fall asleep, with only a single chunk of cheese for food. Their pets defeat puppet, having followed the darlyn and lloyd, restarts and feeds the cheese into the machinery to make a ball of string cheese, which inspires the teammates crew. In the final scene, the teammates crew end their war with the frog and have successfully rebuilt the factory as a novelty string cheese company. Lloyd and darlyn has begun a relationship with dianne and window, and They is able to put his culinary skill to work in developing new cheese flavors with their pets as his personal taste-tester.

The film ends with the First Spinjitzu Master's portrait gravetomb (which changes emotions throughout the movie) finally smiling, next to a frame containing his lucky string and his life's quote, "A world without string is chaos."

Epioglue and post credit scene, puppets is chased by snakeszilla (which survives the dumpwaiter) after turned into a frog.

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