After Kai had goes into mummy curse, the queen isabella serves up the championship prize, Carat Sizzled Cattle, to darlyn,lloyd,jay,zane and cole along with others. During the meal, the IGO Director Mansam reveals the shocking truth: the tournament was held in order to lure out a ancient Egypt creature, mummy curse, said to suck out the energy of living things. Soon, sensing the other's power, mummy curse appears from out of the depths of the egypt. The teammtes crew may have to combine their powers in order to defeat this deadly monster.


Regular Life as a Teenage Child movie 4: revenge of the mummy curse takes darlyn and friends back to tournament camp, a mysterious 19th century grave constructed by queen Isabella as a symbol of affection for Darlyn's and lloyd's adoptive brother, kai smith. In the first visit to the mansion, taking place within Regular Life as a Teenage Child movie 3: enchatedwonderland portal adventures, darlyn and friends explored the adventures dwelling and pieced together the mystery of the gravetomb's now-deceased namesake. In Regular Life as a Teenage Child movie 4: revenge of the mummy curse, The Queen has summoned the heroes back to the now-decrepit heir grave to shed some light on the gravetomb's dark past and put the mysteries of mummy curse to rest.

Once darlyn and friends go to the tournament, they will discover that there is more to the camp than meets emily goes to the camp where emily told her friend about the treasuere like diamonds called crystal spider, meanwhile darlyn and friend find the the temple, where they made it, while Zane realizes that since the children was originally made for evil, there must be hidden passages. They manage to find a way to get the crystals, although they set off many booby traps in the process and find the path they take overrun by the swamp rats. Meanwhile, lina,her family,alice and her friend are in the forest, where sull khan naar, god/goddess of game and peacock was remove their memories to meet their families and friends members, but they get angry and run away from them when evan told them about the flocks of villain amnesia, but they chase them while lilly and lina father angry at them, meanwhile sir slicer and friends are making tea for sale, but Felicia and friends are created a coffee made out of lich power which finn,jake,dipper and maple give them a lich power and they tries to put the lich power onto their mouth, back at the temple darlyn and friends arrive to grave of history where they found the crystal spider and go to exit, however a mysterious dead body of the mummy to be kai.

Meanwhile, the other friends are in the weding festival of Manolo and maria, where maylee and friends are having fun together, in the outside fear feaster arrive to stop a mummy curse was kai who is now being become a banished after his memory was Deleted and headed to the festival for get Angela, which preacher told about that the legendary curse, which Angela and nya tries to help kai along with pixal and kira who put kai in the bed. So Angela tries to wake him up but she and nya are end up being frightened by kai who turned into a Ghost like mummy to put Angela into his stomach and absorb the soul of three friends of darlyn and friends who tries to save them from kai by defeat him and darlyn asks him when his soul is drain by kai, lloyd asks preacher, where the healing water the preacher tells him they will catch the mummy curse in three days before they died

Darlyn and friends will save their soul from mummy curse, at the forest darlyn open the crystal spider then revealing the crystal spider was the element apple: spirit bomb apple and eat it. When zane spot darlyn had ate the elements apple causing herself never able to cure the curse.

Meanwhile, laura and tim hidding on safety house, laura aguring tim about dangerous and mummy curse arrive to attack them but they saved by sull khan naar which sull khan naar tells Laura and tim to run away, so sull khan naar attack mummy curse with lina and lilly's parents, as the mummy curse absorb their soul with his black magic.

In land of ooo, princess bubblegum tell her people go into their house to safety and pb was caught by tentacles and finn tries to save her by use his swords but fail as he got absorb their soul and two raper man tries to rape the girl (from nightmare campus) jake tell them not to rape the girl as the two raper mans was absorb their soul by mummy curse. While sir slicer use his super fallen angel attacks to defeat mummy curse who survived and absorb their emmet who tries to survive along with his friends.

Back at the forest, zane tries to cut out the spirit bomb apple from Darlyn's stomach but fail as darlyn sneeze at him causing screams in pain, mummy curse arrive to get his final absord their soul. While the heroes to attack the mummy curse but fail the mummy curse attack them as darlyn use the spirit bomb to kill mummy curse and ask them about the spirit bomb made for herself to get a energy for spirit bomb which the engery of the spirit bomb was taken by mummy curse, darlyn used all of Her friends and family's memories energy to make the huge Spirit Bomb, he knows it is not going and tosse at mummy curse's mouth but it doesn't it fit so her friends use the elements to kill mummy curse while darlyn and her friends walk away to celebrate.

Soon afterward, The ashed dead body of mummy curse touches down on Farm house, where baby is found by a young couple named sandy and jim, and giggles Robert happily in the man's arms. jim then decides to care for the girl as their own daughter, and names her clary. The story continues in the Regular Life as a Teenage Child movie 5: a Ninja and Samurai's Legacy and evil's amnesia

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