Jones stumbles onto a evil Merman convention and must stop them, even after loss of Naomy.


Prologue begin, on funeral day, jones visit to emmy's Gravetomb after mouth pass away.

The movie begins, darlyn staying with her mentor, david jones is filled with stories about merman: demonic sin maker who hate sins fighters. They have a weapon that they wear over their backs, they wear helmets to hide their head, and they have blood eyes. David gives Darlyn An insight into the world of the unexplained by describing the details that concern the memories he has about something that happened some 20 years earlier, when he was a young girl that surrounds an elf who was his close friend and childhood. That elf disappeared, having been targeted by a merman, and for six weeks afterwards no trace of her was found, despite the efforts of police and local people. Then an image of the elf was found in a painting at jones's home, and as the years passed the elf's appearance and position in the painting changed until he eventually disappeared from the canvas. Darlyn's mentor continues the story and he mentions further when he had come close to a merman himself, he had the experience of losing one of his toy gun because of the merman, although he does not explain how this happened.

After Kai and three ninja are killed by kate, jones train them to become, One day when Manolo was making a small clay figure of Himself, he ordered a robot clown to inject the pimple of the Darlyn sculpture, to make them look more like the ones in a 3-D rendition of Darlyn. But the clown ended up injection the pimple of the real Darlyn, which caused her to fear clown. At the hospital, the doctor robots accidentally removed Darlyn's pimple completely. When amy saw this, she laughed at Darlyn, which made her sad.

However, they are soon faced with two problems: first is jones's heartbroken, while the second is inadequate space for the captured purple minions. Gru comes up with an idea – use his Mind Manipulation-O-Matic machine to brainwash the purple minions for jones. While performing the operation, David accidentally kicks a lever and a purple minions gets fused to Jones's head, causing the machine to malfunction, and Darlyn is forced to destroy the Mind-O-Matic to save Jones. The resulting failure somehow leaves them with a semi-intelligent minion who no longer has an appetite for jellies, whom Jones dubs "Hutch". That night, all the human strength power in the town are raided by the "Were-Mutants", a giant px 41-like monster which absorbs power of any size. During a chaotic town meeting in the church, The others enters into a rivalry with Merman king, who seeks to court Pan and who believes that it is better to be rid of the monster via the use of guns. With Pan's persuasion, the townspeople agree to let Heroes front the capture attempt.

After a hectic night-time chase, darlyn and heroes come to the theory that Hutch is the Were-Mutagnt. Believing he has captured the beast, Finn is overjoyed and goes to inform pan. Securing Hutch to make sure that he does not escape, Darlyn instead discovers that the Were-Px 41 is in fact Jones, suffering from the effects of the accident, with the Mind Manipulation-O-Matic having caused him and Hutch to each take on aspects of the other. Alarmed, Darlyn seeks out Wallace, retrieves him before the sun sets, and drives him away. Tragis corners Jones during the night, jealous of Naomy's growing fondness for him because of his humane practice of heroes. However, when the full moon appears, Jones transforms into the Were-Mutant before a petrified Merman and trump siblings, forcing darlyn to pursue him. Having identified the Were-Px 41, Merman king decides to dispose of his rival to win Naomy's heart. Priest allows him access to three "24-dagger" sliver bullets – supposedly.

The following morning, the day has finally arrived for the Festival Competition, but Naomy reluctantly bows to public pressure to sanction Bear king's offer to shoot the Were-px 41. Meanwhile, an oblivious Jones rebuffs Darlyn's accusations of him being the Were-mutant, but accepts the truth when he witnesses Hutch expressing his own personality traits. At night, a alive Naomy informs Jones of Merman's plan. But seeing the moon rising in the sky above he and Naomy, Jones begins to transform and is left with no other choice but to send her away. Trump siblings and mermans arrive on the department's doorstep moments later, but Darlyn lures the Were-Mutant away with a female Were-Mutant Naomy However, their getaway plan is foiled when pin joker mistakenly fires upon what he believes to be the Were-Mutant, instead discovering it to be Darlyn in disguise. They imprison darlyn and lloyd, who subsequently escapes with help from Hutch and decides to use the antidote he had been growing for the competition as bait for Jones who has burst in upon the survival contest. Merman king exhausts his supply of sliver bullets and takes the Golden Sword award from Naomy, as it is the only golden bullet-like object left to him. Ascending to the rooftops, Jones takes Naomy with him and indirectly reveals his identity to her, but Merman king interrupts them and, after accidentally revealing his knowledge of the Were-Px 41's identity, confesses that he only wanted to court Naomy for the money.

Meanwhile, Flippy turned evil and he pursues Darlyn and lloyd to prevent him from stopping Victor, both using planes, but Flippy's plane is destroyed and Darlyn eventually dispatches him into a bouncy castle. On the roof of Hall, Merman wields the Golden sword trophy inside an blunderbuss and tries one last time to shoot Jones, but Darlyn saves him by grabbing onto a rope from a flagpole and swinging her plane into the path of the improvised bullet. However, the toy plane rapidly descends when Darlyn accidentally lets go of the rope. Jones sacrifices himself to save Darlyn, breaking Darlyn's fall into the tent below. Merman gloats victoriously, but Emmy knocks him into the tent, where Jones is dying of his injuries. Using the emmy to protect Her mentor from the angry mob outside, Darlyn and Lloyd dresses Merman and tragis up as the monster and the angry mob chases Mermans away.

Amy, frank, Darlyn, lloyd and emmy tend to david Jones who seemingly dies, but morphs back into his normal, naked form. Darlyn, however, is able to revive Jones by wake him up, only for bear King to follow them and capture all the people present. Bear king prepares to burn Naomy at the stake after she rejects his advances, but Jones transform into monster again to rescues her and brings her to the hall. Amy releases the people and rallies the citizens of Grimsborough and pacific bay against trump siblings and pirates, who try to break into the hall. Darlyn, Lloyd and the little helper pour molten copper onto the streets to ensure no one enters, but bear King successfully breaks in. He pursues them to roof bear king kidnap Naomy, but David throws molten copper in the air which wounds bear King. Darlyn then slice him one last time and kills him. The survivors then escape from hall.

Bear King surives into giant, Darlyn and Lloyd battles Killabilly and is contacted by the ghost of Morikawa, who gives her advice along with Jones. Halfway through the fight, Pan's granfather, Mr. Satan, drives his motorcycle packed with explosives into the maw of Killabilly, and is seemingly destroyed. Darlyn mourns satan, but Amy and jones encourage them to enter the mouth of bear king before he regenerates. Lloyd and Darlyn complies and lands in the demon's stomach with Naomy, where, in his heart, they encounters poison six packs's grave corpse. She learns she must put jones on top of poison six packs's grave to make bear King explode into nothing, and tearfully does so after expressing her love for Jones. Jones tells her he loves her, and sacrifices himself for humanity. Bear king explodes, and in a near-death experience Jones learns from chief's ghost that it has been decided Jones's honour grants him new life, but there will be a "mix-up" on the resurrection. Jones learns this means px-41 serum has remove, which is strong than amy, but neither he nor Naomy really care. Eventually, it is revealed Satan, did survive the explosion, and together the Heroes make their way home in return for Survival festival, which can be a positive or negative experience depending on how the film has been played.

Epilogue, the heroes save all available people during the course of the film, In good ending, Darlyn and Lloyd celebrete survival festival will go swimmingly and Window and dianne will present their present of a box of luxury medal to Lloyd and Darlyn. In bad ending, if heroes allows one or more people to die, however, Darlyn and Lloyd's adoptive brother and his three mates will act strangely and turn around to reveal they has been possessed with dark matter with kate.

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