The teammates crew make their feature debut here. After starting a business, the teammates crew soon lands a job from the alluring Lover teammates crew to stop a giant monkey from destroying the town's crops. Both Kai and the stuffy Baron vie for angela's affections. If Kai wants to please his pretty client, and best Baron, he needs to capture that pesky monkey. When young elf, ginger and Sarah find a mysterious fruit for jones, while sarah's teacher, Aaron tell them not to feed the people with a transformation fruit, years pass One morning jones's father, finds out he has gained a large lump on his forehead while having a nightmare after his wedding with Jones's mother who is now becomes 'pregnant' with Jones's baby. He is worried at what the others will think so he keeps his lump a secret, but as each nine mouth passes he keeps getting more transformations. Eventually once his secret is out jones goes into island cities to find a new home that will accept his new appearance.


Many years ago in 1956, the little helpers elf, ginger and Sarah are digging down for play a tree, but when they find a mysterious fruit on hole. in the shop they give jones the fruit as he eat it, a panicked man with a green hat, Aaron is Sarah's teacher, out of his office warning of something dangerous in the oncoming fruit. Shortly after, the transformation fruit envelops jones's body, making it impossible to see him, and elf got cursed to find to get rid of it.

Years pass in 1960, Jones is married becky to go a honeymoon after that becky is now pregnant with jones's baby filled with jones's happy life suddenly takes an abrupt turn for the worse when a large lump pops up on his forehead during his nightmare and that is just the beginning. Jones and the Little helpers asks Sandra, who dismisses the lump as a zit. As the nine mouth pass, his body begins to develop new mutations, making him feel horrible because elf fears that jones is turning into a monster. He more and more shies away from his wife and friends and hides his new deformities under heavy clothing.

Then Jones's friends quickly receive an emergency call about a giant mouse like rat, who is ripping up a stadium in search of a nourishing sewer pipe. When the They engage him, they get defeated one by one, until elf reduces the mouse monster to tame animal form. Then, rodents grows back to a mouse monster with dark eyes and the ability to spit acid. The acid washes Jones's extra clothing off and shows the mutations. Everybody in Grimsborough laughs at jones, even rodent, and the other Heroes. More people laugh as jones appears on TV. Ashamed and humiliated, jones leaves City in tears with the little helpers. Thinking that he now has no home and families and friends to return to, he attempts to find new allies whose mutations match his own, but in each attempt he is met with fear and revulsion.

As jones and others flies through an asteroid belt, a Serial Killer like a flesh eater named grand high witch follows them, knowing the mutations are signs that the children will become a victim for her pet monsters in blood c tv series, the Old ones's delicacy. Finally, jones and little helpers lands on a seemingly blood c city. They meets a Cerberus that eats him and spits him out in disgust when elf cover jones with a holy water. Back on Grimsborough city, the other Friends, worried about him and realizing they should've taken better care of jones's child, modify the Ship for ocean travel and set off after him, tracing him route through the he has visited. Meanwhile, behind the bushes, a Grand high witch, possibly the same one that followed jones in the asteroid belt, spots jones. The witch and blood c villains turns into its humanoid form and floats over the lake towards jones. They explains the Transformation to jones, who replies that fruit merely turned purple for years after elf become a monster, he meets the beautiful Princess Witch and her attendants, who are immediately smitten with him. She tries to ply him with food, dance (jones thinks the Tango is a form of martial arts) and a hot bath, but, when none of these stop him from trying to continue along the path, she plays her ace card: a sleeping potion.

A magical mirror shows that his dreams are only of His wife, Becky and his friends. Spurned, she reveals her true form, an evil villain that tempts travelers along the Castle Way. Elf, Ginger and Sarah narrowly escapes the castle without jones, which, after the illusion is dropped, turns out to be the goddess' true body: a monstrous fire-breathing mouse. As she pursues them a while on the Way, they manages to tangle her up into a knot and elf got trapped by chrysalis as Sarah and Ginger must save jones. The Witch says that each human has a different form of Transformation. Jones was one of the few that would become a chrysalis.

Soon, a chrysalis forms around him. When the chrysalis has almost completely formed, the Grand high witch and blood c villains reveals their true form. As the chrysalis is about to complete, the witch tells jones to scream as it whets the old ones's appetite.

But before for the The grand high witch and blood c villains force their pet to be able to devour jones, the other Friends arrive and interfere. Becky frees elf from his cocoon and shows him that he has reverted to his former form with human size and the monster form is disappeared, though with one improvement: the little helpers can now fire blasts and elements. With this new ability, elf blasts the Grand high witch and blood c villains back to the lake, where they are chased away by the flesh-eating lion dog jones and little helpers had met earlier. With the reassurance that allies will always be elf, ginger and Sarah's friends, no matter how much elf changes jones on the outside after jones is eaten alive by flesh-eating-bunny which causing them in horror, as the heroes defeat the bunny. Becky returns home, loss her husband once again, until Her friends suffered frightened by a rodent they have met earlier. In house, becky is crying in her room, when jones, losing various body parts and becoming progressively less human in appearance. He eventually reaches out to Becky, and theorizes that he is slowly becoming a hybrid creature that is neither human nor insect (which Allen begins referring to as "bunny"). Jones soon starts to exhibit bunny-like characteristics, such as vomiting digestive enzymes onto his food in order to dissolve it, and the ability to cling to walls and ceilings. He also realizes that he is losing his human reason and compassion, and that he is now being driven by primitive impulses he cannot control. Attempting to find a cure for his condition, Jones installs a fusion program into the Telepod computer in order to dilute the fly genes in his body with pure human DNA. To her horror, Becky learns that she is pregnant by Allen, and cannot be sure if the child was conceived before or after his fateful teleportation. After she has a nightmare of giving birth to a dead corpse, a terrified Becky has Her father persuade a reluctant doctor to perform an abortion in the middle of the night. However, having learned of the pregnancy, Jones abducts Becky before the abortion can be carried out, and begs her to carry the child to term, since it could potentially be the last remnant of his untainted humanity. Becky sadly refuses, afraid that the child will be a given away. Meanwhile, becky's father, James breaks into His daughter's lab with a shotgun and comes to Becky's rescue, but is seriously injured and nearly killed by the almost fully transformed Jones, who dissolves His father in law's left hand and right ankle with his corrosive "vomit-drop" enzyme

Jones then reveals his desperate, last-ditch plan to Becky—he will use the three Telepods (the third pod being the original prototype) to fuse himself, Becky, and their unborn child together into one entity, so they can be the "ultimate family". Becky frantically resists Jones's efforts to drag her into Telepod 1 and then accidentally tears off his jaw, triggering his final transformation into a monstrous combination of man and insect. The "Bunny" creature traps Becky inside Telepod 1, then steps into Telepod 2. However, the wounded Elf uses his shotgun to sever the cables connecting Becky's Telepod to the computer, allowing Becky to escape unharmed. Breaking out of its own pod just as the fusion process is activated, bunny is gruesomely fused with chunks of metal and other components from Telepod 2. As the mortally wounded bunny-Telepod fusion creature crawls out of the receiving pod, it silently begs Becky to end its suffering with shotgun. Becky hesitates for a moment, then pulls the trigger, killing the creature that was once allen jones, before falling to her knees and weeping for her deceased lover.

Becky is seen in bed with Her father some time after Her husband's death. She awakens from another nightmare in which she gives birth to Jones's child, and her father reassures her that she is safe, and that the baby she is now carrying (having presumably aborted Jones's) is his. Becky then falls back to sleep, and she is now dreaming of a beautiful human baby named with angel wings hatching from a cocoon and flying off towards a distant light source. Several months, Becky jones is about to deliver the child she had conceived with scientist Allen jones. Samuel king, chief of Grimsborough police department (the company which financed Allen's training skill), oversees the labor. Becky's mother dies from shock after her daughter giving birth to a two squirming larval sac, which splits open to reveal a seemingly normal baby boy and girl. The young child, named David jones, and His twin sister, named Rose jones are taken into Their mother's care. Two kids grows up in a clinical environment, and Their mother frees a herd of dogs from dog catcher, angering her boss, who sends her away to a boarding jail in Japan. While saying their goodbyes, Kids gives her a baby puppy from earlier and she gives her son and daughter a gun and a amulet which is engraved with "Always share your promise".

Years pass in 2015, jones and rose had grow up to become mentor, jones had found a machine from his dead father. meanwhile Jones's mother had survived. Darlyn meet her friends to plan for Jones's surprise, However, they are soon faced with two problems: first is Kai's growing weight, while the second is inadequate space for the captured monkey. Jones comes up with an idea – use his father's Mind Manipulation-O-Matic machine to brainwash the monkey. While performing the operation, Kai accidentally kicks a lever and a monkey gets fused to Kai's head, causing the machine to malfunction, and Jones is forced to destroy the Mind-O-Matic to save Kai. The resulting failure somehow leaves them with a semi-intelligent monkey who no longer has an appetite for fruit, whom Jones dubs "Sugar". That night, all the fruit farm in the town are raided by the "Were-Monkey", a giant gorilla-like monster which eats fruit of any size. During a chaotic town meeting in the church, Jones and the teammates crew enters into a rivalry with Lord Baron, who seeks to court Angela and who believes that it is better to be rid of the monkey via the use of guns. With Angela's persuasion, the townspeople agree to let The teammates crew front the capture attempt.

After a hectic night-time chase, The teammates crew come to the theory that Sugar is the Were-Monkey. Believing he has captured the beast, Kai is overjoyed and goes to inform Angela. Securing Sugar to make sure that he does not escape, Darlyn, lloyd and jones instead discovers that the Were-Monkey is in fact Kai, suffering from the effects of the accident, with jones's father's Mind Manipulation-O-Matic having caused him and Sugar to each take on aspects of the other. Alarmed, Darlyn, lloyd and jones seeks out Kai, retrieves him before the sun sets, and drives him away. Darlyn's school bully, jasper corners Kai during the night, jealous of Angela's growing fondness for kai because of his humane practice of pest control. However, when the full moon appears, Kai transforms into the Were-Monkey before a petrified Ramirez and Darlyn dog Bell, forcing Jones and his mentee to pursue him. Having identified the Were-Monkey, Baron decides to dispose of his rival to win His's nephew and niece's heart. Reverend Clement Hedges allows him access to three "24-dagger" bullets – supposedly, the only things capable of killing a Were-Monkey.

The following morning, the day has finally arrived for the July Competition, but Angela reluctantly bows to public pressure to sanction Baron's offer to shoot the Were-Monkey. Meanwhile, an oblivious Kai rebuffs Darlyn, Lloyd and jones's accusations of him being the Were-Monkey, but accepts the truth when he witnesses Sugar expressing his own personality traits. At night, Angela informs Kai of Her uncle's plan. But seeing the moon rising in the sky above he and Angela, Kai begins to transform and is left with no other choice but to send her away. Baron and Le quack arrive on the Grimsborough police department's doorstep moments later, but Darlyn, Lloyd and jones lures the Were-Monkey away with a female Were-Monkey bloom. However, his getaway plan is foiled when Baron mistakenly fires upon what he believes to be the Were-Monkey, instead discovering it to be Jones in disguise. Baron and his men imprison Darlyn, Lloyd and jones, who subsequently escapes with help from Sugar and Jones's father was tell his son to make an antidote to defeat the old ones monster while he is on laptop as jones decides to use the old marrow he had been growing for the antidote as bait for Kai who has burst in upon the July contest. Baron had ran of supplies of bullets and takes the Golden Log award from Angela, as it is the only bullet-like object left to him. Ascending to the rooftops, Kai takes Angela with him and indirectly reveals his identity to her, but Baron interrupts them and, after accidentally revealing his knowledge of the Were-Monkey's identity, confesses that he only wanted to court Angela's parent for her money.

Meanwhile, Le quack pursues Jones and his mentee to prevent him from stopping His boss, both using toy biplanes and Darlyn's flying hoverbike, but Le quack's plane is destroyed and Jones eventually save himself by dispatches him into a bouncy castle. On the roof of castle Hall, Baron wields the trophy inside an blunderbuss and tries one last time to shoot Kai, but Jones saves him by grabbing onto a rope from a flagpole and swinging Darlyn's bike into the path of the improvised bullet. However, the hoverbike rapidly descends when Jones accidentally lets go of the rope. Kai sacrifices himself to save Them, breaking his fall into the cheese tent below. Baron gloats victoriously, but Lover teammates crew arrives as Nya knocks him into the tent, where Kai is dying of his injuries. Using the bloom to protect Kai from the angry mob outside, Jones dresses Baron up as the monster and the angry mob chases Baron away. The heroes tend to Kai who seemingly dies, but morphs back into his normal, naked form. Jones, however, is able to revive Kai with the scent of a slice of Stinking Bishop cheese. For his and his father's marrow's bravery, Darlyn is awarded the slightly dented trophy, and Angela turns Hall's front garden into a wildlife sanctuary, where Sugar and the rest of the monkey can live in peace.

List of Jones's conditions of puberty while the little helpers hide with clothes:Edit

Elf hide Large forehead lump (later it changes to a horn) with a hat, later wrap with gauze bandage.

Ginger wrap Tusks on his neck with scarf.

Elf hide the Fish tail on his hip with pants.

Sarah cover Elongated zebra-coloured fingernails with gloves.

Elf, Ginger and Sarah Hide Weird craving for unusual food with gauze bandage.

Sarah hide Donkey ears with winter hat.

Elf and Ginger hide Scaly skin with raincoats.

Sarah hide Enlarged hairy feet with rain boots.

The little helpers hide donkey voice in his voice with water.

It is revealed that fruit only turned purple for years. during his transformation after elf turn into monster.

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