Pilot SeasonEdit

Prisoner Guys with Tattoos: Thomas Smith reading and finds the dead bodies of prisoner guys with tattoos and young people on newspaper by chucky in aftershock

Leander of prisoner guys with tattoos: dies after Thomas kill him while Thomas Escape from earthqueke.

Spooky zombie devil:Sucked into The tombs and the Graveyard world.

Demon ghost girl: killed by Rachel throwing the crystal flower to her

crystal robber: dies in explode by slender man.

Marlow the Leander of evil vampire: killed by tom smith who punching a hole through his skull

Other vampire: burned to ashes by sunrise

Slender man: turn out to be friendly proxy but he goes to ask forgiving Kai, Karen, kate and Nya forgiving not being murder but only he gave a elements fire while Thomas death.

King paradise: get exploded into pieces by his fear of violin, used by Kai, and send into prison (1#) Gets turned out to be good and turned Dr. Jerks into into a cute hamster by the disfiguring ray, used by detective emily (enigmatis), and his ex father gets stuck in a hamster cage where dr. Jerks is admired by tiffany.(Final 3#).

Sickness king: chasing them as fruit and vegetable (1#), get eaten by giant snakes, after the fight (2#) Gets turned out to be good and turned Dr. Jerks into into a cute hamster by the disfiguring ray, used by detective emily (enigmatis), and his Ex-uncle and Ex-Anut gets stuck in a hamster cage where dr. Jerks and His Wife are admired by tiffany (Final 3# In Saving private Jones).

The other ship: reform as he promise to lloyd wanted to destroy relationship

Bella stronger/claraline: died into crystal (but later get turned into demonic queen), but appears to be emma stonger's daughter in Karen you're alive

Season 1Edit

Demonic alien worms: darlyn find the dead bodies of demonic alien worms and demonic henchman.

Demonic henchman: all beaten up by other students, later darlyn find the dead bodies of demonic alien worms and demonic henchman.

Demonic queen: dies after the crystal water in giant pot which spills and land on her when darlyn shoot on it with an arrow, while sumatran rat monkey is out of demonic queen body

Group of zombie: all beaten up by the four ninja after darlyn discover that kai was age 34 while chase flaky

Lauren juilen: get eaten by darlyn who mistakes her as a gummy worms, after turned into gummy worm by her sons and his teammates.

The other buu's: get scared away, when they though darlyn was a live action zombie girl.

Alexandra Helena jones: get chased by smiling titan after get fire on it by samukai,(season 1),reform and help her friends (seasons 6).

Alexander jones: many ways to defeated by teammate crews,(all season), reform and help his sister and friends.

The others names: get chased by darlyn hamster, after emmet put on her mouth with shrinking pill, but appear as cyborg in season 8.

Old man: get eaten by titan

Others sepentine: get all beaten up by teammates crews (1#) reform and help the people into underground (2#).

Mrs. Brickowski: get arrest by her son.

Season 2Edit

wild pig: killed by cryptkeeper appears riding on his flying boat like a oceans.

evil itself: get turn into human, after get eaten her neck by kai.

Ed and barb spiders: turn our to be parents.

Clowned killer: turned out to be karen and real clowned killer killed by lava.

Sarah windmill: get scratched In her Face by darlyn and she taken to jail by cryptkeeper, but appears join the agents of R.E.S.C.U.E in Karen you're alive.

Spiders: get drowned by ocean water.

Season 3Edit

Tragic witch: turned out to be blackflame fighter.

Freddy Fazbear and his friends/missing children: set free by darlyn and lloyd.

Blanket Dragon: killed by finn.

Puppet of fear: get exploded into pieces, by the piano, used by darlyn, and gets send in a hospital where recover by doctor.(1#). Get smashed by darlyn (Final 2# in Darlyn love halloween).

Bad gang: get scared

Bad gang leader: get killed by Kai

Snakesbat: got punches back into river of lava by Kai.

Great devourer: get exploded by emmet.

Snakes Princess: get exploded into pieces by fangblades harp, used by emmet.

Season 4Edit

Flying titan: killed by emmet.

frieza: Gets turned into a stone by his holy water, used by The teammates crew, and Goku gets turned into kid where he is take care by Felicia (except his crew) (1#), Killed by Maria along with Manolo (Final 2#).

The lich: get turned out to be good and transform into a cute baby by the blood guardian, used by himself, and he defeat frieza where adopted by his new parents.

Dolltaki: Killed by Manolo

Ringmaster And Mates: Kai and His Teddy Bear Escape during the sunset.

many giant lemon snakes: killed by heroes.

Earl of lemongrabs: get Chocked.

Candy king/turbo as Major Strasser: Get run into cell by The Teammates crew, Later swim away in defeat.

Killers: defeat by The Teammates crew

blood sins: defeat by angela, Later but this only made him bigger. However, as he was merged with the culture fluid, he turned to stone because of the sea water. The teammates crew finished him off with a Blast.

Lord shen: Arrested by FBI Agent.

Wolf Boss: Arrested by FBI Agent.

Evil Wizard and Changelings: She and all of the changelings are repeled out of oceania city, flying into the distance in the direction of the Badlands by the power of Heather dawn and Allen's joint spell

Lord flog: much to his horror, shatters to pieces in a flash of light, along with his crystals, and his remaining smoke dissipates, when Crystal Heart was tosses under the castle, and the snowflake pattern in the center glows bright rainbow By Prince Allen who saying "Use the light and love, friendship within you you to ensure that lord flog does not (return)" while the Crystal Empire is restored to its former glory.

The Abominable Snow Dinosaur: Reformed, after eating Tom's Jelly beans before eating jenny.

Jenny the Burglar: Get eaten by The Abominable Snow Dinosaur.

Season 5Edit

Season 6Edit

Regular Life as a Teenage Child FilmEdit

King worm: died by Supernova used by Demon king.

Sinssome evil: defeat by The teammates crew (1#), Defeat to death (except his crew who arrest by sins fighters), When Jones Sacrifice Himself into Oceania Crystal (2#), get cursed and sensed into Cursed realm by Sprits of Rainbow heart Fairies when Sarah, Elf and Ginger Banished Emily's Mentor Preacher and Maleficent into cursed realm (Final 3# In Grave-tomb Of rainbow heart Crystal guardians.)

League of the evil sins: Defeat by the teammates crew (expect Kai) (1#), Arrest When Kai sacrifice himself to save his wife by go into the blood stone (Final 2#).

Sandra and patty: Killed by Kai.

Charles and Victor Dalimar: defeat by emmet.

mummy curse: Get turned into ashes, when he is defeated by His former crew where He is Reborn into a baby girl.

Oceania Trump gang: Defeat by Clary/Clara and friends Just like did League of the evil sins (1#), Get Destroyed (Final 2#).

Trump Siblings: defeat by Straw hat crew (1#), Run away in retreated after bear king death (2#), get Exploded to death after jones Sacrifice himself (3#), Arrested by Sins fighters (4#), Get exploded to death when Kai sacrifice himself to save his Families and Friends (Final 5# In Blackflame Ninja).

snakesdemon: Crash by Kai's speeds.

puppets: Get chased by Snakeszilla after defeat by The teammates crew's pets.

Oceania hollow fearsome crew: Defeat by The teammates crew.

Dr. Nightmare: Run over by Car and motorcycles.

henry and jackie: Killed by Angela.

Supernatural gang: Defeat by The Teammates crew.

dark bloody and a large fleet of Bandits: defeat by The Teammates crew.

Evil Little Helpers: Get reverted into Friendly State.

Poison six pack: killed by Jones.

Merman: Chased off by an angry mob.

Were-Px 41: Fall into His Ground, Darlyn and Lloyd Finds a Dead Body for Were-Px 41 He Is Gone.

Special FilmEdit

Spin off villainsEdit

Duke of Amaraxos and his minions: died by explosions, while missile was in Elf's mouth, later Get frozen with his minions by The Teammates Crew which seen in The Inspector Ninja

puppets six blood soul: defeat by Darlyn and friends

Crimson orders: Chased off by an angry mob.

Were-Mouse: Falls into His Ground, Darlyn and Lloyd Finds a Dead Body for Were-Mouse, He Is Gone.

Cironielian Chrysalis Eater: Eaten in Two times by Flesh eating Plants.

Ellan stones/Queen of the Chrysails: Get elected by Angela's Locket Gadgets as taser used by Kai where Her souls is absorbed to death by Angelo's Soul catcher used by Karen as she is turned into Stone. (Expect their daughter, Athena who join his allies.)

Allen Stones/King of the Chrysails: Get exploded To death by the bombs.

Dr. Zin: Retreat Arrested during the Kai's and Angela's wedding.

Robot minions: All Beat up by The Teammates crew, Later Retreat with Dr. Zin Before Arrested

Margaret Littlewood: Get eaten by the Crocodile.

Crimson Peak: Defeat by The Teammates crew.

Junjie and Junjie's Furious Five: Defeat By Darlyn, Lloyd and Their Allies.

Captain Gutt and Sirens: Get eaten by Flesh eating frog.

Bloody mary: Was crushed into pieces by Machine, Later Reform after Rebuild herself by The Teammates crew.

Richard "Rich" Buckner: Get Chased off By an Angry Mob.

Halloween Wizard: Died, after fell into Bouncy castle.

David "dave" Jeremiah Jones/Red masque: Knocked unconscious by His Mentee Darlyn, and later Was Falls into His Ground, Darlyn, Lloyd and Kai Finds a Dead Body for Red masque, He Is Gone turned Out to be David jones.

Human Woman Eater: Get eaten by Flesh eating Dinosaur hybrid Alien, after eating Kai before Darlyn and Lloyd was given a strength by Angela, Later Kai was Taken into Grimsborough Hospital to rebuild himself into nindroid.

Holiday MonthsEdit

Giant mouse rat: Reform and become Friend of Darlyn and Lloyd

Pest control: Get freaked out then run away when they sees a giant mouse rat.

Darlyn and friends: Summer Party Animation and Live Action ShowEdit

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