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Ray is Kai and Nya's dad.He was The Past Elemental Master of Fire and the husband of The Past Elemental Master of Water : Maya. Krux Forced them into manufacturing vehicles and weapons for the Vermilion Tribe by threatening to harm Kai and Nya who were children and very small at that time. During the battle between Krux and Acronix and Sensei Wu and Garmadon ,he and Maya created Four Time Blades using Chronosteel,which was the only substance that could absorb Elemental Powers.

General description Edit

He has black hair with spikes, almost similar to his son Kai's. Kai's hair is more spiky. He also was a very good blacksmith. One evidence is the manufacturing of the Time Blades and the vehicles, weapons

History Edit

When they fought The Serpentine War they faced the betrayal of Krux and Acronix from The Elemental Alliance,they forged the Four Time Blades using Chronosteel and helped Wu and Garmadon defeat Krux and Acronix by trapping them in a Temporal Vortex.Then Krux unexpectedly returned and escaped the Temporal Vortex and tricked Ray and Maya to making manufacturing vehicles, gadgets and weapons for the Vermilion Tribe.