Raxxon is a character created by Purplebrick333.


Raxxon is much like the typical Darkthing: Cold, crafty, and heartless. He has spiky black hair, red eyes, and gray skin. He wears a dark red tunic, black pants, and carries a large, elaborate blade for a weapon.


Raxxon grew up like a typical Darkthing, living underground, avoiding light, being nasty and evil, you get the picture. He met up with Lord Deorc and became his top henchmen. He has the element of Poison, but he rarely uses those powers.

The Light Meets The Dark (Spoilers)Edit

When Keara came to work with Deorc, Raxxon was moved to third-in-command, and lost a lot of his power. This made him very bitter, but he did his best not to show it, especially after Deorc passed. After all, he wanted the Darkthings running Ninjago too. At the climax, he and Keara battle, ending in his death.


  • Deorc - After a long friendship, which was actually more of a partnership, Raxxon didn't expect to be thrown out of his top spot. That did not really affect the relationship.
  • Keara - The girl who caused him to lose his place, he became very angry towards her. Not wishing to upset Deorc, he hid his feelings.

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