Raithe is the Elemental Master of Wind and Astra's brother. He appears in The Beginnings by an Anonymous user.


Raithe is taller than his sister, he is quite skinny from many years of surviving on his own. His face is angular, emphasized by his high cheekbones and sharp jawline. Raithe has dark brown hair and bright emerald green eyes. He usually wears tattered clothes. 


Much like his element, Raithe can be swayed easily, but is none the less a powerful force. He is pliant, shown when Astra convinced him to run away with her in their youth. Raithe is also one to give second chances. He is weary and sometimes cold to strangers, but deep down he is very loving, empathetic and trustworthy.


Dragon RidingEdit

Where his sister can train dragons with ease, Raithe is a natural rider. He can accomplish many dragon stunts and flying tricks.


Raithe quickly bonded with his element after becoming an Element Master


  • Raithe's name is similar to the ghost in Season Five called Wrayth
  • Wind in Irish is called 'gaoithe', the ending is similar to Raithe

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