Rainbow heart of story





Original Airdate

july 28 2014

Song and Short

everytime we touch song/pet sitter for om nom

That's All Folk

Porky pig


Darlyn got a flu of death


heroes in vacation

read to talk

Transcript 12

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The teamates crews must find the the gems of rainbow heart necklace to defeat demonic dark crystal, who wanted to take over the rainbow heart world,when darlyn find the strange delivery from note of emma stronger.


The prologue starts with mad science find the gem of rainbow heart,but he see a egg of cute little green monster was found and there a sign "no feed with candy" and he put a egg and three of rainbow heart gems, as he wrote a note "feed with candy and put on mailtruck as well.

The episode start with Darlyn's playing with a remote-controlled helicopter and suddenly, she hears the doorbell: "Ding Dong!" She says: "Who's there?" And when she opens the door, a box with a hole and a tape with the word "Feed with candy". That's strange, no ages, no address, no everything, it's just a box! So Darlyn cut out the box and she sees two eyes look at her and scared. Than that creature in the box shakes the box. So she follow the instructions on the feed with candy tape and give him a lollipop candy. Then, a green creature called Om Nom goes out of his box to eat the candy. But when he finished eating the candy, then he knows Evan's there and scares and decided to go to the box again. But he missed and he must quickly hide in some place else. And he runs and hides under the bed behind a shoebox. So she gives him an another candy and tells him to eat it and don't be afraid. Then he comes out of her shoebox and walk slowly to the candy and eat it.Om nom crawls around Darlyn and he tries to get lloyd,jay,zane and cole to help her. Lloyd eventually comes to the room along with jay,zane and cole to see what is going on, only to find the om nom is on lloyd foot. Both darlyn and lloyd along wiht jay,zane and cole call for Kai for help and Kai enters the room to see what is going on. Kai doesn't believe them at first, until he finds the om nom on his arm and he jumps onto the pool acid, along with Darlyn,jay,zane,cole and lloyd. Unfortunately for them, the pool acid is still on and all of their body get back to normal. Kai,jay,zane,cole,lloyd and Darlyn each jump into a elements potion room stall cooling off their body. The six teammates try new ways to get the om nom out of the Training hereos academy. Darlyn tries to catch it in a bucket but ends up getting smashed into the wall and ends up in the bucket herself. Kai,jay,zane and cole tries to hurt the om nom by smashing a weapon on it but They gets beaten up in the process. Lloyd then tells his father and uncle to stop om nom before it gets into the dining room but they only jump aside allowing the om nom to pass on by. The om nom causes trouble in the dining room by being on a Noodle soup, being swallowed then coughed back out by a samukai, and even has a kruncha eat off one of its poop of om nom. The om nom goes back into the room.

Kai get angry at her,due to darlyn find package as lloyd use address,age,everything scanner ray to check om nom was age 1,his address to be darlyn room.

Darlyn must take care of him,a young man named Dareth appear to get rid of it,but he get kicked out by kai,jay,zane and cole. the next day, darlyn is sleeping on her bed,when she see om nom is not here,so where om nom he was in dining room om nom thinks anyone or anything can be Candy, so he is cautious,eat and does not work much. When he strikes one of the skeleton army, Wu demands to know what is going on, so Darlyn explains to them that her pet is hungry.

Darlyn is bad idea for her pet,before he run away by wrote a note and has a gems,darlyn wake up to see a gems and put on it,when she found a note from om nom as she screams "noooooo"

Meanwhile, kai is watching a horror movie video,but it end up un pluged by andy,who control by his mother (just like in Rise of the snakes) who wanted to give to him,but he wanted to go a scanner,only to find out,but revealing steal Kai eye.

Meanwhile at night club, where Darlyn get drunk,missed her pet by a note "I'm leaving you, i sorry being stupid (you found scrap of paper,Om nom💔).

When the news reporter man, about Seaseis has bean taken to Brickowski house, Mrs. Brickowski who wanted to take over and pay 10000 million dollar or else sensei will be afraid to watch somehow.

Darlyn back her school,when she see her brother is stuck on cross like jesus and his eye is stolen by andy, so Kai was free and released by the Darlyn to help and fight the Emmet mother and save emmet younger brother.

Meanwhile they still keep watching,but they rescue by darlyn who is use her weapon,so mrs brickowski calls her minion evil doc clowns to fight her,but end up get shoot into tv by Darlyn,darlyn meet cyborg joker clown,robotic circus ring master and robot circus half lion and elephant named robocircus,she killed them all,she defeated by emmet mom,emmet mom is see her two children fight along with Om nom. Darlyn beat evil doc clown and emmet and emily along with andy whole battle with Their mother as they are freedom by darlyn as Kai eye grow back and kick her. Emmet puts his mother in the chair subject to watch scary,sexual television shows.

In Epilogue, the candy people are arrives,where Darlyn then help and releases Om nom giving a food "candies", not knowing, into them. Finn and jake screams yelling for Darlyn and Darlyn walks off whistling back home.


Darlyn Mae p. de guzman

Om nom (debut)

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon

Lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon

Emmet Brickowski

Emily Brickowski

Andy Brickowski

Mrs. Brickowski

Evil doc clown (debut)

Cyborg joker clown (debut)

Robotic circus ringmaster (debut)

Robocircus (debut)

Other skeleton army

Mad science (debut)

Ninjago citizen people

Dareth (debut)

News reporter man (debut)

finn Mertens (cameo)

jake whiteson (cameo)

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