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February 14 2015

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Wu,garmadon and sonia search for the Rainbow heart Crystal Heart while their friends try to protect the Crystal Faire from Lord flog.


The episode starts with a short recap of Rainbow heart crystal part 1 and continues after Prince allen faints, causing the magical shield to vanish. Lord flog prepares to charge into the city, but Heather helps allen recover in time to restore the shield. The shield slices off a small piece of her necklace, which falls to the ground as a dark crystal. Wu instructs his friends to entertain the Crystal People at the Faire while they searches for the real Rainbow Heart Crystal. At first, he doesn’t want Sonia to come along on this dangerous mission, but they relents when he promises not to lift a single claw to help him. Meanwhile, the friends come up with ways to distract the Crystal People. Garmadon addresses misako as "Knight misako", announcing that it's showtime. Emma prevents the carnival-goers from unveiling the fake rainbow heart Crystal.

Wu deduces that Lord flog hid the rainbow heart Crystal in the castle, since nopony would be brave enough to set foot in there during his rule. In the throne room, she finds a large crystal at the crest of the throne's backrest. Remembering how queen elizabeth replicated lord flog's magic in the previous episode, Wu does the same and the crystal's black light reveals a spiral staircase in the center of the room. Wu begins her descent down the long, dark staircase, telling Sonia to keep an eye on the situation outside. When Sonia warns her that Allen's magic is fading faster than ever, Wu trips and tumbles down the staircase.

At the bottom of the stairwell, Wu replicates Lord flog's magic again to open a door. When Wu crosses the threshold, she sees queen elizabeth in the Canterlot throne room. Elizabeth sternly tells Wu that he has failed his test and is no longer her student. Wu begins to cry as flog laughs. The camera zooms out to show Wu sitting in front of a wall. Sonia catches up with him and asks him if he is all right. The whites of Wu's eyes, which have turned green, become normal as he snaps out of his vision. He steps out of the way and lets Sonia approach the door. Her eyes turn green and she cries, "Please, Wu, don't leave me!" Wu slams the door shut, telling him that Lord flog has bewitched the door to make it show their worst fears. She reassures Spike that he will never send her away and uses her magic to open the real door. They see a light blue staircase snaking up the exterior of a tower. Like the dark staircase, this one seems to have no end.

The scene changes to show Prince allen, whose magic is faltering as he struggles to keep it going. Lord flog’s magic rapidly penetrates the kingdom, leaving two black trails. At the Faire, Crystal People cheer as garmadon and misako, dressed in armor, prepare to joust with blunted lances attached to their chests. Mai, seeing an ominous thunderclap, blows on her flugelhorn, signaling the two heroes to charge. Misako panic when they collide and is launched in the air. Garmadan exhorts her to continue, saying that the fate of an empire rests on showing the Crystal People a good time. Neither of them notice several buildings become tainted with Flog's magic.

The camera cuts to Wu and sonia wearily trekking up the staircase. Wu looks up and is inspired to perform an anti-gravity spell, allowing him and Somia to slide down the underside of the staircase. Whooping with glee, Wu explains that she had studied gravity spells for his test.

The camera cuts back to the Faire. As the sky darkens, Misako frantically crafts traditional baskets and hands them to the Crystal People, but runs out of materials. The people become aware that Lord flog has returned, and anxiously surround what they think is the rainbow Heart Crystal. Misako and emma look up at the castle balcony, where Prince allen has collapsed in Heather's forelegs. Mai is juggling flugelhorns on a bouncy ball but slips. The ball knocks over the flag covering the fake Rainbow Heart Crystal, which clatters to the ground before the shocked people. Misako is about to say something, but is interrupted by Emma, stating that the real Crystal Heart is on its way. Misako whispers to emma that she was going to say that the rainbow Heart Crystal was being polished to buy time. As Emma sheepishly realizes her mistake, Flog's laughter echoes overhead. The citizens scatter, crying, "It's him!"

Wu and sonia reach the top of the tower to see the resplendent, rainbow and golden heart Crystal suspended above a wide circular disc. When Sonia steps onto the disc, it begins flashing like an alarm and alerts Lord flog. He throws up a wall of black crystals around the perimeter of the disc, trapping Sonia. She knocks the Heart out of the prison just in time and it lands a short distance from Wu.

An outside shot of the tower reveals it to be the center tower of the castle, the highest point of the building. Sonia tries to escape from the trap, but it teleports her back in. Realizing she cannot deliver the Heart herself, she tells Wu that he must do it. Wu grabs it and jumps off the tower just as black crystals pierce the floor. The camera pans to Emma and Misako nervously reassuring the Crystal People from the castle balcony. The last few wisps of magic vanish from Allen's horn and the barrier disintegrates. A Crystal People tries to make a run for it, but she bumps into a towering crystal, where Lord flog appears and says, "My crystal slaves..."

Wu dodges the black crystals while making his way down the exterior of the tower. He calls down to the others that he has the rainbow heart Crystal, and Lord flog growls, "That is mine!" He charges towards Wu as he runs down the spiral.

Wu trips and the rainbow Heart Crystal falls out of his grasp. Heather picks up the dazed allen on her back. He sees Wu and the Heart falling from the tower and spreads his wings. Heather launches allen into the air like a glider with all her strength, and she catches the Heart and Wu, just in time. As she flies back down to the ground, a Crystal People cries, "Behold! The Crystal Prince!" He lands among them, smashing the fake heart under his hand. He firmly says: "The Rainbow Heart crystal has returned. Use the light and love,friendship within you to ensure that lord flog does not."

He tosses the Heart under the castle, and the snowflake pattern in the center glows bright rainbow. Two vertical crystal spires come together to keep the Heart in place. The Crystal Poeople regain their crystalline colors and bow to Allen. Rainbow and golden light spreads through the streets of the empire. The light suddenly retracts and concentrates inside the rainbow Heart Crystal, causing the heart to spin rapidly, generating a sphere of light that explodes and engulfs the empire. allen, Heather, the Six heroes, and Sonia become colored like the Crystal People.

Another, more prolonged, concentrated blast from the Crystal Heart destroys Flog and his black crystals, drives back his black clouds, and returns the castle and the Empire to its beautiful appearance. The crystal on top of the castle begins to shine. White light shoots up from the castle's base to the top crystal, and it fires a ribbon of energy into the sky which results in one final, ground-shaking blast of blue light above the empire that disperses the black clouds and dark skies forever. The ribbon radiates into many all color ribbons that look similar to the Northern Lights. The ribbons of light are visible from ocean kingdom and Canterlot. In Canterlot Castle, queen elizabeth and King jack see the ribbons of light and cross their necklace with a smile.

The Crystal People resume their normal activities. As the royal couple accompany the friends to the train station, Heather jokingly tells Wu and garmadon that she has to stop "saving her rump like this," but she reminds him that Sonia was the one who did it in the end. Heather tells them that it was just a test and maybe elizabeth will just let them retake it, but allen touches her with his wing in a 'don't say that!' manner. Wu and garmadon remains pessimistic about they meeting with elizabeth, leaving their younger cousin and cousin-in-law to watch after them with worry.

In the Canterlot castle, Wu and. Garmadon admits to elizabeth that she alone wasn't the one who saved the day in the end. Elizabeth tells them that by choosing to stay in the prison to save time, she put the safety of the Crystal People before her own future. elizabeth explains that they would rather have a student who understands self-sacrifice than one who puts their self interests first.

Wu and garmadon happily announces to their friends that they passed the test, and they all celebrate by singing The Success Song. The friends triumphantly leave Canterlot on the Friendship Express. The camera zooms out and settles to show one of the palace balconies.

As Elizabeth and jack watch the train depart, Jack magically materializes a spiral-bound book. The king and queen look at it, and nod at each other. The book has a colorfull cover which shows ten heart and a swirly pattern. On the train, Sonia says that he knew everything was going to be okay and dozes off.

In epilogue, Then some time later Wu said the doctor said that he could drink one cup of tea but he pours a lot of coffee into a china cup while Garmadon is trying to drink a tea.


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