Pythor P. Chumsworth

Pythor P. Chumsworth is a recurring character and the last General of the Anacondrai. He appears in every episode from "Never Trust a Snake" to "Day of the Great Devourer".

Introduction Edit

Pythor was originally released from his tomb by Lloyd

His Tribe Members Edit

Pythor's tribe member are unknown as by the time Lloyd opens the tomb, Pythor appears to have eaten all of the other Anacondrai. He is alive and in hiding. In the next season, he will be reborn pretty much.

In "Pythor's Return" by XEdit

After being being turned into stone after the Great Devourer's death, his stone prison flew right into The Anacondrai Cave. The only way to revive him is to use the five Legendary Anacondrai Fangblades to break from his stone. However, he would break open in time, meaning the stone would crack open in more than one day. When he did get free, the power of Skale's anger leaked into Pythor's soul, making him the new Great Devourer. He of course attacks at Jay and Nya's wedding, yelling that not even The Golden Ninja can stop him. In the end, when The Golden Ninja (Sensei Wu) goes into his body and destroys his heart, Pythor crumbles into a purple pile of smoke, dust, and ashes. This is the end of Pythor's rage and peace returned to Ninjago once and for all. His only remains are his blue jewels in his torso and head and his fangs. He returns as a white snake


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