finally... PURPLE

Psyja was born one day. But at birth, his parents died. He was then a slave of Garmadon for YEARS, but one day, he saw Lloyd beating up Garmatron. He had his chance, so he drank Tomorrow's Tea and sped away to the Ninja so he was one of them until his friend followed his footsteps, and BAM!!! He was taken away by Double Trouble (two evil Lloyds). Psyja tried to save him and found out which Ninja he was: the psychic Ninja. He reached his true potential while he was there and saved Widow (the beige Ninja of air). Dareth, the stone army lord (He is that because he put on Garmadon's hat. Now he has control over the stone army.), was so stupid that he thought that a scorpion lord was a candy shop owner. The scorpion lord gave Dareth a dark mattered lollipop (that Dareth thought was grape flavored), and Dareth was now "controlled by dark matter". Psyja was the first one to find out, so this is the start of Season 4: Scorpion Rampage.

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