This character is originally from the Lego Movie. But it may be supported with fanon info.

PrezBiz filmstill1

President Business (Lord Business in Shroob12's universe)

In Shroob12's universe, President Business is also known Lord Business. He is the evil C.E.O of Goop Industries and the Master of the Nindroids, Bad Cop, Yamato Kriosos, and The Reploids. He is the Main Antagonist of Shroob12's second season of Ninjago.


In Shroob12's universe, Lord Business was a normal business man until he created his company that made the world better until he revealed his true colors as a tyrant. He wanted to rule the world with the techno blades and be supreme master of the whole planet. Then he found Lord Garmadon and joined his clan.


  • He has retractable legs.
  • He is able to shoot laser beams at anyone he wants
  • He screams so loud that his Nindroids break
  • His hat shoots fire


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