The elemental symbol for pain

Pain is an element. It, like it's name suggests, can cause others to feel pain on them, and completely destroyed their nerves. It is associated with the color Crimson.

Abilities Edit

Nerve control - The user can manipulate nerves of the target to make them feel pain.

  • Burning receptors - The target will feel immense heat along with the pain.
  • Freezing receptors - The target will feel immense frost along with the pain.
  • Crushed receptors - The target will feel immense pressure along with the pain.

Via the user's true potential Edit

Torture burst - The user can select anyone to be in massive torment and pain, also making them have a rasping cough, swelling and muscle strech. This also rends the target immobile, and can leave after-effects that last up to a few years.

Current users Edit

  • None yet

Please note that you can add your own masters of pain here! Edit

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