After the death of Garmadon and Jay the ninja escape from the temple and find a note and wonder what it meant so Zane read through his database and senses that 4 ninja has a spell on them which means they are cursed and will die seprately in a blue box and it is not The Doctor's TARDIS."Kai,Zane,Cole,Lloyd,Tommy,Rocky you go left,Me,Michelle,Karen and Jack will go the other way. Jack collapsed halfway up the temple and he fell the whole way down the bottom and died.Sensei Wu thought he was weak but then his soul came out of his body and flew into Sensei body and he took the soul of The Raven so everyone ran away from his amulet but he through it at Karen to make her look at it then she died so Michelle ran to the top as she was the only survivor there and she was greeted by The Raven who then killed her

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