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Nya is Kai 's younger sister and the Samurai X of Ninjago. She is currently in a relationship with Jay .


Nya has short black hair with red lipstick and small dimples on her cheeks. Most of the clothing she wears is red. She sometimes wears a red banana that covers her mouth.


Nya may not be a Ninja, but she has a great ability to defend herself in many situations. She grew very jealous of the Ninja getting all the attention, so she became the Samurai X to become her own hero. She and Kai form a great bond with each other as brother and sister. In season 5 she became the water Ninja.


  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • She has a severe allergy to perfume.
  • It is shown that she and Jay may be dating for they were seen kissing each other on the lips in The Last Hope.
  • In Skybound Nya and Jay were shown kissing while Darreth was filming.


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