Nya is Kai 's younger sister and the Samurai X of Ninjago. She is currently in a relationship with Jay . When Wu told him that her mother was the elemental master of water, and that she has inherited her powers, she trained alongside the other Ninja to help them protect Ninjago from intruders. She is the Gray ninja. After P.I.X.A.L created a new body for herself unknowingly, it became the new Samurai X. She was also among the love triangle which formed between Cole, Jay and Nya. She unlocked her True Potential in an attempt to bring a huge water wave on The Preeminent to protect Ninjago.


Nya has short black hair with red lipstick and small dimples on her cheeks. Most of the clothing she wears is red. She sometimes wears a red bandana that covers her mouth.


Nya may not be a Ninja, but she has a great ability to defend herself in many situations. She grew very jealous of the Ninja getting all the attention, so she became the Samurai X to become her own hero. She and Kai form a great bond with each other as brother and sister. In season 5 she became the water Ninja.


  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • She has a severe allergy to perfume.
  • It is shown that she and Jay may be dating for they were seen kissing each other on the lips in The Last Hope.
  • In Skybound Nya and Jay were shown kissing while Dareth was filming.