Ninjago The Final Chapter CharctersEdit




  • Jack 




  • Sensei Wu
  • Misako
  • Dr. Julien
  • Milton and Jerry
  • Rachel
  • Laney
  • Daphanie
  • Wyplash


  • Overlord
  • Cherell
    • Cherell's army


  • General Kozu
  • The Doom Clan
    • Tara Lu
    • Slithraa (Dan Lewis)
    • Dogpound (Chris Bradford)
    • Samukai
    • R.A.N.K.I.S.S.S
    • Kruncha and Nuckal
    • Frakjaw and Chopov
    • Doom Drones


  • The Stone Army
  • Zavok
  • Toxzon
  • Azog
  • the Deimactor

Ninjago The Final Chapter PlotEdit

One day while the ninja were training the overlord appeared and kidnapped Misako 

Misako: it's the Overlord

Rachel: Oh Crap

Overlord: time to do what I always wanted to do. Cherell

Cherell: Yes my Lord

Overlord: send the troopers

Cherell: Yes Sir.

Cherell calls the calvary and they kidnap, Misako, Daphanie, Rachel and Laney.

Kai: RACHEL! buck the Overlord.

Lord Garmadon approches and greets the Ninja.

Jay: Oh no it's LG with his evil gangster friends.

Garmadon: we heard what the Overlord and Cherell had done and we came to help.

Slithraa: We gotta stop that Son of a gun

Cole: with what

Jack: Cole's right, you only got a squad of a mutant Snake, Mutant Brown Wolf, a Invectid Skeleton guy and a Killer Spiky Doom Drone.

R.A.N.K.I.S.S.S: dude not cool

Dogpound: I'm gonna KILL YA FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nuckal: hee hee.

Kruncha: SHUT THE BUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samukai: Stop it right now.

Nuckal: SSSSSSSooorrrrryyyyy.

Frakjaw: crap

Chopov: I would live in my cabin than fight the Overlord

Jerry: lets go to Phatial Phill[s

Milton: I gotta meet Rudy and Bobbi Wasabi.

Sensei Wu: No we got to focus on the Overlord.

Garmadon pulls a trap.

Cole: WHAT THE BUCK LG!!!!!!!!!!

Garamdon: Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Doom Drones: Heh Heh we're gonna stop the Overlord and you can't suckas.

Jack: Oh come on Dude it's confusing, first you become an ally and now a Bad guy again really.

Milton: you Jerk. I'm calling Phill or Wasabbi.

Garmadon Leaves them all alone meanwhile, the Overlord and Cherell are at a secret lair where they hatch out a plan.

Overlord: Cherell is the rebuilt Overtron complete.

Cherell: Not Yet

Cherell's troopers: Sorry dude it's gonna take a while, but we got help from Zavok, Toxzon, Azog and Zavok's sidekick.

Overlord: anyone got ideas.

Toxzon: Uh No

Zavok: that's because you're lame. 

Azog: Shut Up.

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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