One day on Live action world, a young teenager girl like a kid named darlyn was found a book with a watch and saw that her late grandpa's Book, which is transport into animation world. Later on when on her way back home and tries to ecape from it, when she was rammed into her head by a hammer by a young 12 year old teenage boy named finn, his best friend jake and thier friends. At first darlyn thought the Dyno Cap car finn,jake and friends was driving was a stranger but then revealed he was a good stranger. They came with darlyn to the tower to hired but robin asks her. Darlyn refused to stay in and they told her the legend of the god like savior known as jesus christ, and darlyn decided to join them on their to defeat demonic queen. Sometime later darlyn meeting Kai in the last time, when she called herself "d.m" as they adopt darlyn now, however. The heroes met a man named eren yeader, his adoptive sister mikasa and their friends armin and they defeat other buu by scared of darlyn as a zombie, the four ninja's classmate named emmet, who tries reveang on them by himself, when his twin sister emily told about, sometime later. Darlyn finds a green cute like creature named om nom, while Emmet mom comes out of the bloom questioning a secret door, with the only access to the door being the Kai eye. Emmet's mother rips off kai'eye and opens the door she later kidnaps the 4 remaining teacher's of the Heroes. He's later released by the Darlyn to help and fight the Emmet mother in the end of the whole battle with emmet mom. Emmet puts his mom in the chair subject to watch countless television shows.

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