Ninjago Legends






65 (13 per Season)

Main Protagonists

Braydon: Green Ninja of Creation Alex: Orange Ninja of Vaporization

Main Antagonists

The Overlord

Ninjago Legends is a sub-theme of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. It is about two young boys (Braydon and Alex) whom Sensei Wu trains to become masters of the two forces of Ninjago (Creation and Vaporization). The main antagonist of the series is the Overlord. The two Spinjitzu Masters, Braydon and Alex, must stop the Overlord from regaining his true Dragon Form.


Season 1Edit

1. The Beginning

2. Time to Train

3. The Dark Curse

4. Elemental Powers

5. Rise of the Overlord

6. The Fight

7. Return of the Five Ninja

8. Golden Target

9. Operation: Golden Capture

10. Save the Golden Ninja


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