Taniyo! Prikuaitenarumare!

Birth! Pretty cure anchery ninja!

OP: Full bloom Ninja!

Kiddie Jay: (going to the newly referbused dojo) Come on!

Baby Flame: Rrrrr..

(Kiddie Cole is learning some moves from Meloetta when Jay runs past him. He, Kiddie Kai, and Kiddie Kai give him some confused looks.)

Water Staff

The Water Staff

Eyecatch 1: Nya kisses Jay, and Zane runs past him. Kai is chasing Zane, then the title appears.

Eyecatch 2: Kai is doing spinjitzu when Lloyd fights Skales. Lloyd does spinjitzu, then the title appears.

Kiddie Cole: (turns to Meloetta) After I get back, give me more lessons!

Meloetta: Hai!

All: whoa-

Komachi: It's...the Ninja.

Ed: Let's Ninjago!

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