Ninjago girlz mistresses of spi by silverkunoichi1212-d8z92zd

Title Card of Ninjago Girlz

Ninjago Girlz is a developing fanfic by SilverKunoichi1212, a Fanfiction author on


The ninja find out they have older twin sisters, Callida; Adhira; Adamina; Crystal and Gin. When they journey to find them, a new adventure begins.

Ninjago Girlz CharactersEdit

Gin Nozomi Garmadon- Gin (Also known as Ginny or GG) is Lloyd's older twin sister, even though she looks younger than him. Gin's personality is mostly like her father, Garmadon. She really cares about Lloyd and is sometimes peaceful. But the rest of her personality comes from her mother. Gin is energetic and independent (she also hate being called cute). Her elements are Lilac Energy and Silver Power. She got them from Garmadon before he turned fully evil. She was sent to Ninjaga at 4 years old and Lloyd hasn't remembered her since. She is The Lilac Kunoichi. Her favorite treat is doriyaki, a Japanese treat. Her favorite drink is jasmine tea. Her favorite animes are Fate/Kalied Liner Prisma Illya and Sailor Moon.

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