Here's the 2nd episode of the Ninjago Epilogue series, if you didn't read the first episode, go to Ninjago Epilogue: Episode 1 The Evil Rises, now heres The War On Ninjago City.


After the attack from a new enemy, Falctron, Lloyd calls Nya for help, but Nya keep everything a sercet from the ninja, just as Lloyd said. But when Falctron leaves a message to go to war, He brings his impossible force," The Steal Army

Steal Army".

Important things in the episode.

The episode begin after the attack, and Lloyd runs outside, to see Nya. 

Nya is wearing the Samrial X suit , and tells Lloyd that she's going to keep the mission a sercet.

Captain Rade calls Lloyd, and Nya to the 73rd level.

They just got a message from Falctron. 

In the message, General Redway appears in the message.

Everyone clears the city to a village, and they prepare for the battle.

Every drone, copters, and raiders are everywhere.

Then explosions go on in the backround.

Then fighters, and tanks go through the city and everyone is fighting, gun shooting, and Lloyd and Nya battle though and defeat some Steal assassins.

Then Lloyd and Nya are called for a guard, that Falctron has high-jacked a subway, and imprisoned the passengers.

The emergency signal didn't reach the Subway on the top surface.

So Lloyd and Nya fly to the subway , and fight Steal warrior's. 

Lloyd say's to spilt up, Lloyd take the bottom, to Falctron, and the passengers,while Nya defeats some warrior's.

Lloyd battles assassins inside, and Nya Battles warrior's on the roof.

Meanwhile at the front of the building, Captain Rade fights General Redway.

Nya beats down one last one, when someone comes up a punches Nya in her helmet, causeing the suit to stop.

Falctron hired a Bounty Hunter, named Emotion. 

Nya gets a new suit,( if you want to know what the suit is, see it in the Ninjago comic, Night Of The Nindroids)

Nya fights Emotion. 

Then Lloyd reaches the First class then sees the passenges, then uses Spinjutizu to untie them.

Then goes in the cockpit, and shuts down the sub, but Falctron wasn't in the cockpit.

So Lloyd cuts a hole in the roof sending the passengers to a building, leading them out of the city.

Nya defeats Emotion. 

Then out of the shadow, Falctron comes and takes Lloyd  with him.

Then he lands in a dark street, and pulls a sword out.

Lloyd is doomed, when out of the blue, a mysterious warrior comes in and jumps on Falctron .

Then Falctron flys away, saying to retreat.

Then the warrior helps Lloyd up, and Lloyd asked "who are you".

The warrior says " I'm The Phantom Ninja". End of the episode.

Episode 3: Sercet mission is coming soon, to see what the Phantom Ninja looks like, read Whos The Phantom Ninja.

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