Ninjago Epilogue is a series of episodes after the events of The Final Battle. The series stars Lloyd, and Nya fighting a new meance in New ninjago city. 


After the death of Zane's father, Lloyd decides to leave the ninja out of all operations in the city, but when a old friend of Brog named Rick Newbay, is injured by a mysterious techno voice,  he tures into one of the greatest villains since The Overlord, Falctron.

Important things that happen in this fan fiction. 

Zane's father dies from a arrow that inpales him.

Lloyd meet Shane Highway 

Lloyd meet Rick Newbay, and Captain Rade, Brog's Captain

Rick is attack by deadly wires that go all around him, hangs him their, and shocks him, almost killing him.

A mysterious voice is a big role later.

The mysterious voice can go into machines and works them,  so the stock was with a evil electricity that tured him evil, so the voice creates falctron. 

Back at the front lobby, Falctron comes in the door in a brown coat, and hat to cover his face, and the guards try to stop him, but he uses his sharpe wings, guns, and swords to kill everyone but Shane.

Falctron puts a gun to Shane's head if Lloyd did come into the door, Falctron brings out his swords, so does Lloyd and the fight begins .

When the duel goes outside, Captain Rade and a squad of Guard comes to the front, and Falctron flys away.

Lloyd says" A Ninja never quits", and goes on the golden dragon, and chases Falctron,but soon loses him.

Lloyd is called into the building.

When Falctron goes back to the base, the voice creates billions of soilders called "The Steal Army",  End of the episode.

Episode 2: The War On Ninjago City is coming out soon.

Do you like the Epilogue series, like this and I will put the second episode as soon as possible. 

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