Summary Edit

As we all know:The serpentine wars were a series of conflict ranging from the ever lasting clan wars all the way we see it in ninjago (the show) but i will chronicle the events in the serpentine wars.

This is part one,All about the first incarnation,that being the serpentine clan wars.(humans and/or other species not included in the following conflict).

Story Edit

Chapter one:

We all knew the serpentine to be blood thirsty savages right? well......of course!!! they were accused of being that when they were warning them about the golden master...but when you're being isolated:you might go insane and fight over resources,(which is bound to happen because their tombs are empty and lacking of food so they must fight over what resources they can gather).

The very first battle resulted in the prototypes of most modern serpentine weaponry and the battle went as follows:a year after their imprisonment:resources are scarce and all of it belonged to the current most powerful serpentine tribe,the hypnobrai,(its self explanatory) and with their hypnotic powers:they controlled the trade and owned the most food that way,but at the cost of the other tribes wanting food and so,a underground society of snakes consisting of fangpyre,constrictai and venomari troops spear headed by the possible ancestors of fangtom,acidicus,and skalidor. Before the battle:they got ready by training in the ways they can repel a hypnobrai like as such: for the venomari:they acid spit in their eyes,for the constrictai:they constrict the head and for the fangpyre:they could bite them and turn the hypnobrai against each other.

Then came the battle,like most battle set ups:you send the toughest men into the battle field(or sheildmen)then you add the militia behind them and from there:you are gonna win,but not so easily said the hypnobrai. Knowing at least someone would attack:they had contingency plans in case of a attack(but what they didn't expect were the numbers).

The battle had the leaders start off in the back lines with the basic artillery,then the archers(venomari spitters),next we have the fangpyric/constrictai warriors with common weaponry but upgraded into the prototypes of most modern serpentine weaponry,and finally:we have the constrictai brutes in front who can tank most damage with the heaviest weapons.

Chapter two:

The battle itself was almost a tremendous failure counting the fact that the hypnobrai can hypnotize most sentient things

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