neXt generation is a story about the next masters of spinjistu.You can make a charactar to add to the story.The story will start out were the new ninja are training.Please comment! New post every Saturday or Thursday


Our story starts were Cord is training. Cord does a backflip and kicks a dummy."take that".Kai came in."good job,notice you dropped your WEAPON".Cord:"sorry".Cord leaves to eat dinner."Ow,no spaggetthi". Kai passes soup.Sensei Kai has a angry look."Eat the soup".A boulder ran past the table and broke the table."Now I guess you dont have to eat it".After that Cord practiced in the grounds.He spun in a circle for 2 hours.Lloyd walks in."guys why does Cord look so dizzy"."I spin so fa...".cord faints."Wow"."Lloyd never spin that long".IKai has a smile."I have a plan"."Lloyd lets get the whips"."Cord stay here".Cord does more backflips."I see you".Mezmo jumps out. "how the-".Cord kicks in face.Mezmo falls off edge.

Mezmo caught a loose rock. Cord jumped down kicks mezmo and the poor snake fell again. Kai came back with a net and a tool bag.While in ninjago city Cord spotted a golden glow."Sensie Kai ill be back in 10 minutes".Cord walking toward the glow picks it up noticing its a gold knife.Soon Cords armor goes "NRG".Soon this stops and before Cord stood a huge Helicopter.Lloyd watching yelled,"what in".Cord turned around and it stopped.Looking down noticing he had ZX plates.Kai didnt look suprised."ILL tell you what it is.