Plot Edit

Ever Since Phytor was eaten alive, he lived after the ninjas stoped the snakes. Phytor is back all new, based on the Devourer's Powers, He Returned with Robot Hands, Bigger, Stronger, 4 arms, New Look, Tires, and turns into anything, he grows when something bad happends. Meanwhile Sensei looks what coming in the future, where the ninjas ( + Lloyd) fighting Phytor, then Sensei trapped going inside acid.Now when Phytor finds Sensi he kidnaps him. Phytor realeaes the Great Devourer agin in a smaller form. as size of Lord Garmdon with 4 arms.Now it's up the ninjas, Nya and Lloyd to save him.

Cast Edit

  • Drake Bell as Kai
  • Jason Segal as Jay
  • Katy Perry as Nya
  • Justin Timberlake as Cole
  • Harrison Ford as Zane
  • Tom Hanks as Sensei Wu
  • Jake T Austin as Lloyd
  • Jim Carrey as Phytor
  • Frank Oz as The Great Devourer
  • Ian James Corlett as Scales
  • Zacharty Gordon as Young Kai
  • Debby Ryan as Young Nya
  • Joe Jonas as Finn
  • Nick Jonas as Villager and Dragon Kepper

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