Ninjago: The End of the Universe is the first Season of Newman53's Ninjago series.

Background Edit

There were three young ninja named Braydon, Alex, and Paul. They were the new Masters of Spinjitzu since the other ninja (Kai, Cole, Zane, and Jay) retired. Their sensei is named Lloyd; they call him Sensei Lloyd.

Chapter 1: The Begining Edit

Our story begins with Garmadon planning an attack. His loyal second-in-command (Pythor P. Chumsworth) runs into his master's throne room.

  • Pythor: Massster. I sssaw the ninja flying through Wildwood Foressst and into the Toxic Bogsss.
  • Garmadon: Good. Tell the Venomari to attack at once.
  • Pythor: *bows* Yesss massster. *slithers away*
  • Pythor (on speaker): Attention Venomari. We've ssspotted ninja at your tomb. Attack at onccce!

The Venomari attack the ninja with venom cannons.

  • Acidicus: Ninja at the left!

The Venomari hit the ninja. The Destiny's Bounty crashes.

  • Acidicus: Quickly! Thisss way!
  • Braydon: Owww! That hurt.
  • Paul: Tell me about it.
  • Alex: *groans*

The Venomari come close to them.

  • Acidicus: Hello ninja. *laughs evily*

The ninja lie there knocked out.