You Know It By Andrea Remanda & Lavay Cole

You Know It By Andrea Remanda & Lavay Cole

Super Mario Bros Heroes of the Stars Opening 1 Version 2

Super Mario Bros Heroes of the Stars Opening 1 Version 2

Ninjago: Retalion is the sequel series to Ninjago: Pawns of Prophecy and the Shroob12 version of Rebooted.


After the 300-year-old evil of Ares and the Nasty Nine, the Ninja re-injures, and the world lives in peace until an evil man named Mr. Business rebuilts it and renames it Neopolis.

But Lord Garmadon Breaks out of Prison and joins Business to use his plan to take over the world and create his own evil empire. Zane meets a humanoid named Krystal and they go aganst the robot forces of Garmadon and Business.

Then Garmadon and the Doom Clan hire Major Bludd and Bad Cop to hunt down Zane and Krystal (Pixal). Zane and Pixal fight the mercinaries and stop the notorius army. then Kai, Jay, Cole, Jack and Lloyd get involved by Zane and Pixal and they begin to figure out the whole reason why they were formed by Sensei Wu and they try to stop the Overlord and Cherell but Lord Business and his goons stop them. they see the Ninja trapped and loosing power to the Overlord and he rises as the Golden Master.

Kai says they fail but they tell him he was awesome and he can't give up on the Overlord. They later start a Revelution to stop the Overlord, Cherell and the Doom Clan. They run into a Brainwashed Cyrus Borg. Pixal and Evil Wu fight Borg and warn the Ninja of a crazy Ninjroid and Pythor on a rampage.

The Ninja enter Palmopolis and they fight the crazy Nindroid who is really Mini-droid, Jack laughs thinking it looks like Lloyd as a six year old but they knock him off and make him Mad and the war begins until Kai defeats the Overlord's soul and Cherell dies and the Doom Clan is arrested. Kai said the ninja will never break apart and never be like their evil predacesors again. 



  • Zane - Dante Savage
  • Max Brewer - Zach Tyler Eisen
  • Pixal (Krystal) - Bella Hudson
  • Talia - McKaley Miller


  • Kai - Vincent Tong
  • Jay - Jeremy Shada
  • Cole - Ross Lynch
  • Jack - Leo Howard
  • Lloyd Garmadon - Bella Hudson
  • Rachel - Jessica DiCicco


  • Lord Garmadon - Mark Oliver
  • Lord Business - Mark Olson
  • Cherell - Mark Hamil
  • Bad Cop - Charlie Shattler
  • Major Bludd - Diego Mamotos
  • The Overlord - Clancy Brown
  • Slithraa - Wayne Grayson
  • Dogpound - Clancy Brown
  • Samukai - Michael Kopsa
  • R.A.N.K.I.S.S.S - Brian Drummond
  • Kruncha - Marc Thompson
  • Nuckal - Wayne Grayson
  • Frakjaw - Diego Satamosos
  • Chopov - Trevor Deval
  • Mr. E - Lewis Black
  • Pythor P Chumsworth - Mike Pollock