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Hello everyone! This is the first season in Newman53's Ninjago: Ultimate Master's theme. It is about Lloyd's brother Braydon becoming part of their team while Lord Garmadon returns.

Air Dates Edit

  • Episode 1 - August 18th
  • Episode 2 - August 25th
  • Episode 3 - September 1st
  • Episode 4 - September 8th
  • Episode 5 - September 15th
  • Episode 6 - September 22nd
  • Episode 7 - September 29th
  • Episode 8 - October 6th
  • Episode 9 - October 13th

Episode 1: Rise of Garmadon Edit

Kai is training with Jay. Kai trips and falls off the training board.

  • Jay: Hahahahahahaha!
  • Kai: It's not funny!

Sensei Wu comes out to the training board.

  • Sensei Wu: Jay, it isn't funny. Kai is still lacking skill.
  • Jay: *Snickers*
  • Kai: >:(

Cole comes to train with Kai and Jay.

  • Cole: Hey guys!
  • Jay : *Whisper* Is Sensei gone?
  • Cole: *Nods*

Jay takes out his Nintendo 3DS.

  • Kai: Is this the best time to play Super Mario?
  • Jay: It's LEGO Batman 2.
  • Kai: Whatever.

Kai grabs Jay's 3DS.

  • Jay: Give it back!
  • Kai: No!
  • Cole: Guys stop it! Is this what Sensei wants!? You two better act nice to each other or else!

Lloyd comes out with important news.

  • Lloyd: Guys! My brother is coming to visit us.
  • Cole: Who's your brother?
  • Lloyd: His name is Braydon.
  • Kai: Cool.
  • Lloyd: You better come see the letter he sent it the ma--

Nya comes running out.

  • Nya: Guys, Lord Garmadon has returned!
  • Kai, Cole, Jay, Lloyd: What!?

The Destiny's Bounty crashes into a rock.

  • Kai: Owwwww.
  • Jay: *groans*
  • Cole: *moans* What happend?
  •  ???: Hello ninja. I'm back. *laughs evily*

To be continued...

Episode 2: Skeleton Trouble Edit

The ninja wake up in an underground fortress. Lord Garmadon comes to see the ninja.

  • Garmadon: Hello ninja, I'm back. *laughs evily*
  • Sensei: Where is Lloyd!?
  • Garmadon: Oh him. I have other plans for him. *grins*
  • Kai: Oh no! Lloyd is in danger! Jay we have to-- Jay?

Jay is playing his 3DS. Kai walks over and snaps it.

  • Jay: Hey! You owe me $169.99!
  • Kai: Jay. You were playing Super Mario while Lloyd the Green Ninja is in danger.
  • Jay:... It was Mario Kart 7.
  • Kai: >:O It's a GAME!!!
  • Cole: *sighs*
  • Zane: According to my estimate guess, they should be arguing for another 56.7 minutes.

Samukai walks out holding the Four Golden Weapons. Samukai hands them to Garmadon.

  • Garmadon: Well I have to leave now. Enjoy your "hot dip". *laughs evily*

Lava starts slowly filling the room while the Skull Truck picks up Garmadon and Samukai. They drive off leaving the Ninja sinking in the lava.

???: Don't worry, I will save you! Kai: Who are you!?

The person in the shadows knocked out the Ninja and brout them to another place some where in Ninjago.

To be continued...

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