Background Edit

Three young ninjas named Bray, Paul, and Alex and their Sensei Wu train to defeat the dark shadow snakes and Lord Garmadon. But little did the ninjas know, Lord Garmadon wanted the Four Golden Weapons to create a powerful weapon called the Super Bolt and would use the Super Bolt to destroy the ninjas.

Characters Edit

  • Bray (Gold Ninja)
  • Paul (Red Ninja)
  • Alex (White Ninja)
  • Sensei Wu (Sensei)
  • Basilix (Shadow snake leader)
  • Lord Garmadon (Dark Lord)
  • Shadow snakes (Basilix's Minions)

Chapter 1: The Beginning Edit

The Ninjas are training in their home named the Destiny's Bounty. Bray gets knocked off the platform by the punching bag.

  • Bray: Ow...
  • Paul: Keep trying Bray.
  • Alex: Yeah. What he said.
  • Bray: I know I know. It's just so hard.
  • Paul: Not for me.
  • Alex: Well duh! Paul you've been here for 2 years! He's only been here for 9 MONTHS!

The ninjas get into an argument then suddenly, a shadow snake is watching them.

  • Shadow snake: "Grins" Perfect. Now I shhhhall sssssteal the map for our massssster.

To be continued...

Chapter 2: Snake Invasion Edit

The Shadow snake breaks into the Monastary of Spinjitzu and starts looking for the map. Shadow snake enters a hall with three doors.

  • Shadow snake: Hmmm... Which one?

He opens the first one on the left and finds an escape pod.

  • Shadow snake: Nope. But useful.

He opens the second door on the right and finds Sensei Wu taking a shower.(with a curtain covering him)

  • Shadow snake: Ahhh!

He opens the last door in the middle and to his surprise he found the Super Bolt!

  • Shadow snake: Yesssss!"laughs evily"

To be continued...

Chapter 3: Double Trouble Edit

The Shadow snake is about to grab the Super Bolt when suddenly, an alarm turns on.

  • Alarm: Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

The Shadow snake was killed by hundreds of mini darts that came out of the wall.

  • Bray: Oh no!
  • Paul: This is bad!
  • Alex: ...Agree.
  • All three ninja: NINJA GO!!!

Bray forms golden creation spinjitzu, Paul forms fire spinjitzu, and Alex forms ice spinjitzu.

To be continued...

Chapter 4: A Dark Return Edit