The snakes make a miracle attack to destroy ninja! This makes the ninja did not stay silent.Ultimately,ninja also makes attack,also worked with the prince and princess had bumped because expelled from the kingdom,which he said had betrayed the good name of the kingdom.Ninja turned around to attack snakes.But behind it all,Lasha Rattla,Nuckal,and Angler,making destructive creature called a Big snake,and his friend,Laser.However,the laser acctually good,he's just afraid Venomari.But sometimes it helps the ninja without the knowledge the snakes.In finally,they are war! They use each attack,5 ninja(Kai,Jay,Cole,Zane,and Lloyd)and prince Joy and Princess Selly attacking snakes.Big snake and also laser fight,they attack each other,but golden weapon stolen! Ninja tried to take it back,however,the they attempt failed,the snakes dissappeared,gone to the mountain of ninjago,to perform ritual conducted hereditary whatever it name........(continue to part 2)

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