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Element Current
  • Ninja
    • Energy (Lloyd)
    • Earth (Cole)
    • Ice (Zane)
    • Fire (Kai)
    • Amber (Skylor)


  • Ninja
    • Lightning (Jay)
    • Water (Nya)
  • Teachers
    • Creation (Sons of the First Spinjitzu Master)
First Appearance Way of the Ninja
Status Active

The Ninja are a team of young warriors formed by Master Wu to protect the land of Ninjago. Since their formation, they have fought a large amount of foes, such as Lord Garmadon and his Skeleton Army, the Serpentine and the Great Devourer, The Overlord and his Stone Army, the Nindroids built by Cyrus Borg and P.I.X.A.L. (controlled by The Overlord), Master Chen and his Anacondrai Cultists, The Preeminent, Morro, and Ghost Warriors who escaped the Cursed Realm, Nadakhan and his Sky Pirate crew, Clouse and his Shadow Army, Yang and his Students, ; Acronix, Krux, and the Vermillion, Lord/Emperor Garmadon and his sons ; The Dragon Keepers.

Known MembersEdit

Current Edit

Ninja (main) Edit

  • Lloyd Garmadon (Green Ninja/Golden Ninja/Master of Energy/Former Master of Golden Power/Leader)
  • Cole (Earth Ninja/Master of Earth/Former Leader/Second-in-Command)
  • Zane (Ice Ninja/Master of Ice)
  • P.I.X.A.L. (Samurai X/Zane's former Advisor)
  • Kai (Fire Ninja/Master of Fire/Former Second-in-Command)
  • Skylor (Orange Ninja/Master of Amber)

Ninja (backup) Edit

  • Chris (Yang's former student)
  • Martin (Yang's former student)
  • Ckuck (Yang's former student)
  • three unnamed female members (Yang's former students)

Former Edit

Ninja Edit

  • Lil' Nelson (honorary ; Purple Ninja for a day)
  • Dareth (Brown Ninja ; left the team and joined Jay's team)
  • Jay Walker (Lightning Ninja/Master of Lightning ; left the team and found his team)
  • Nya (Water Ninja/Samurai X/Master of Water ; left the team and joined Jay's team)

Teachers Edit

Known Allies Edit

Current Edit

Former Edit

  • Dr. Julien (Zane's Father/Creator ; deceased)
  • Morro (Officially reformed ; deceased)
  • Stone Army (Controlled by Dareth ; destroyed)


The Ninja have six Elemental Powers (one element for each Ninja) that give them amazing abilities of their Elements, which includes summoning their respective Elemental Dragons and performing Spinjitzu and Airjitzu.


The Ninja also have two powerful martial arts that they use in battle, Spinjitzu, a move that allow them to spin in a tornado, and Airjitzu, a move that allow them to fly in a vortex.


  • Lloyd (Energy; green)
  • Kai (Fire; red)
  • Jay (Lightning; blue)
  • Cole (Earth; brown)
  • Zane (Ice; white/light blue)
  • Nya (Water; formerly crimson; light blue)
  • Wu (Creation; gold)
  • Garmadon (Destruction; purple)
  • Misako (Silver)


  • Lloyd (Energy; green)
  • Kai (Fire; red)
  • Jay (Lightning; blue)
  • Cole (Earth; brown)
  • Zane (Ice; white)
  • Nya (Water; light blue)

Known EnemiesEdit

Current Enemies Edit

  • The Overlord (main Nemesis)
  • Time Twins
  • Vermillion

Former Enemies Edit

  • Garmadon (nemesis working for the Overlord ; turned teammate)
  • Nindroids (disbanded)
  • Serpentine (turned allies)
  • Skeleton (turned allies)
  • Morro (turned ally)
  • Ghost Warriors (deceased - sinked into water)
  • Nadakhan (imprisoned)
  • Nadakhan's team (turned allies except Nadakhan)


The Ninja have had major weapon tiers that they used in battles. They are the Golden Weapons, Elemental Blades, Techno Blades, Obsidian Weapons, and Aeroblades.

Golden WeaponsEdit

Elemental BladesEdit

  • Kai (Fire; Red/Orange)
  • Jay (Lightning; Blue/Yellow)
  • Zane (Ice; Grey/White)
  • Cole (Earth; Green/Purple)

Techno BladesEdit

  • Kai (Large Sword; Red)
  • Jay (Chainsaw Blade; Yellow)
  • Cole (Flail; Green)
  • Zane (Staff; Light Blue)

Obsidian WeaponsEdit


  • Kai (Red)
  • Jay (Yellow)
  • Zane (Light Blue)
  • Cole (Orange)
  • Wu (Yellow)