Nick is a LEGO Ninjago fan character created by Sketch, Ninja of the Pen. He is a Master of Fire, a student of Sensei Lloyd, and grandson of Kai.

He is also a protagonist in the creator's fanfiction series Future Fear.

General Description Edit

Nick, being a Master of Fire, wears a red gi. It has few special designs or much of anything, other than that his right sleeve and the right front panel of his kimono is black.

Nick is almost never without his trusty homemade skateboard. Skateboarding, he often jokes, is his "true element", and he often incorporates it in battle. In fact, his best friend-slash-teammate Dexter once said that Nick was more graceful on a skateboard than on his feet..."though that's not saying much."

Nick's most prominent personality traits are his extrovertedness, temper, and passion for the old-fashioned. He is often teased for this lattermost quirk, but the events of Future Fear caused a sharp decrease in such jokes.

Weaponry Edit

When Nick completed his basic training, he was given a TechnoBo, a black electronic weapon designed after a bo staff. However, he only regularly used it for the next week. He went back to a good old bamboo staff, and he finds it just as effective. He also keeps a dagger and a few kunai stuffed in various places in his gi.

Gallery Edit


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