Nexo Ninjago Chima is crossover series involving Ninjago, Nexo Knights and Chima UNDER CONSTRUCTION .

Prequel plot Edit

Twenty years after last season of Ninjago there was battle between Ninja and Nexo Knights which Chima is on Ninjas side when Kai's Katana accidenlty scratched Clay's Nexo Shield which resulted in explosion lead to re-birth of Lord Garmadon, Paythor, Master Chen, past Lloyd, Morro, P.I.X.A.L ,past Zane, Echo Zane, human Cole, Jestro, Nadakahan and others and creation of Chenmadonorropay. The two teleportals came from the explosion. The good have been sucked to left one while the villain have been suced to right one. To be honest P.I.X.A.L became aggressive (under Morro's possession) and sucked to the right portal. So the ninjas and knights must stop Lord Garmadon from destroying his future and save P.I.X.A.L from Morro's possession

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