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January 8 2015

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When Lord Shen make Goku uncomfortable, Kai ignores all options except his own when he decides to get cyclops tears to heal his and Emmet and friend's broken toes.


The prologue start with Kai is packing his things for his trip, when Finn talk to Kai, about a clown like doctor healing people by kissed.

The episode begins with Goku and friends being treated by Shen minion that finn and friends hired after goku,family and friends jumped off flying ship and broke their body. Kai reads in the Davy jones book that there is a cyclops whose tears can heal any injury. He tries to prove that there's another way, but they insist that goku leave the healing to them. Shen wish to cure the duo by kissing their feet, but Kai refuses. Lord shen are determined to 'cure' Goku, so they hold down goku's arms so he cannot move and kiss his toes. Goku pleads at them to let Kai (who drink the pill) go and has a sudden nightmare about lord Shen and his minion, flips out, yells "MY WAY!!!" and leaves the party, determined to do things his way. Finn and Jake liked the kisses, so they stayed behind his friends.

Screaming all the way, Kai runs up to the Soul of Toys and comes to a fork in the road with a Toy girl with a direction sign on her hand. The doll tells Kai to choose one of the paths, the left path being Hair Fall-Out Path, and the path on the right, Smelly Path. Still haunted by the thought of the Davy jones, Kai proclaims he will do things his way, kicks the direction sign off her hand, and rushes through the thorn bushes behind her.

He comes up to a river, with a rude Toy like a doll named puppet along the shore. After Kai tells the puppet of his quest to find the cyclops, the puppet tells Kai that it is impossible to cross the river. The river's current is much too fast, the water is acidic, the bridge above the river is a Trap Bridge, and there are electric eels in the water. Still determined to do things his way, Kai rips the Puppet out of the ground and runs through the river, swatting the water out of the way with the Puppet, but does not even make it to halfway across the river. Ignoring the destroyed Puppet's warning to go back, he tosses him to the far bank and runs through the acidic water.

Kai rushes up to a old woman in looney tunes named Granny with watermelons in a broken wagon and uses one of the watermelon's juices to rinse off the acidic water. Granny asks him to get her wagon's wheel to out of a tree so he can get the watermelons to her pet down the path, since he was too short to reach them. Kai, having gone mad with doing things his way, smashes the cart and the watermelons roll down the hill and smash the old lady's house and flatten her pets, spike,tweety and sylvester. The distraught Granny tells Kai to go away.

Kai, having snapped back to reality, realizes what he has done that day and sings a sad song in his auto-tune voice on top of a cliff. The cliff, it turns out, is the Forest Cyclops. It tells Kai that it knows he is here for its tears and that Kai will not get any because he never cries, along with stating that he is evil. Kai tells the cyclops he does not want his tears anymore, but the cyclops does not believe him and attacks Kai. Kai tricks the cyclops into bringing its head near him under the pretense of hearing Kai beg for mercy, and punches the cyclops in the eye and causes its tears to fall on him. Kai, now healed, defeats the cyclops and takes its still living head and heals all the people he hurt on his journey (including an inanimate Kai's teddy bear, which she brings to life).

Back at the Party, Kai tells the shen to kiss the cyclops head, which they do. Shen doesn't like to kiss on it and he chases Kai nearly everywhere until emily and the FBI come in and say that this is a scam and that the pills is filled with dangerous addicted chemicals and had them kissing people's injuring body including Finn and friends (for his rampage of "kissing people") and had Kai go to the hospital.

In epilogue Darlyn said the doctor said that her brother could use the needle but she pours a lot of healing water into a needle while Kai is trying to hide in his bedroom/kitchen.


Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker (at end of episode)

Zane Julien-Roberts (at end of episode)

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets (at end of episode)

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon (at end of episode)

Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman (at end of episode)

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon (at end of episode)

lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon (at end of episode)

finn Mertens

jake whiteson

Emmet Brickowski

Sir Slicer

Dipper pines

Maple pines

Granny (debut)

spike bulldog (debut)

tweety bird (debut)

sylvester (debut)

the puppet (debut)

The doll (debut)

Forest Cyclops (debut)

Lord shen (debut)

Wolf Boss (debut)

Detective emily potter

FBI (debut)

Z fighter

Son Goku

Chi chi



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