Nera is the First Spinjitzu Master's advisor. She appears the The Beginnings by an Anonymous user.


Nera's hair is a silvery blonde color and her eyes are a soft grey. She is described as being very tall and regal looking. Nera typically wears grey and silver robes with a silver circlet on her head. Nera is believed to have noble roots.


Nera is very level headed and regal. She often intimadates people due to her status as a great truth seer. In her heart Nera has good intentions and is very generous. However, Nera has trouble conveying her emotions and can be seen as distant. 


Truth SeeingEdit

Nera is one of the very few people in Ninjago to have taught themselves to truth see. She is trained pick up the slightest waver in someone's voice or the quickest flash of uncertainty in someone's eyes.


Nera is a prophet, she sometimes gets visions through her dreams of events to come.


Nera's favorite weapon in battle is her mind, but when she must choose a 'real' weapon she chooses a sword known as The Sword of Sanctuary which was given to her by the First Spinjitzu Master.


Nera has learned Spinjitzu but she uses it rarely. Her Spinjitzu is silver in color.  


Explained in depth above, Nera is a Master of the Mind. She is currently to only elemental master to have developped her powers on her own without the aid of Li Wei

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