I woke up to the sound of everyone moaning and yawning sensei wu was in front of our beds playing a flute that automatically makes u wake up i listened to the sweet flawless music and got up i walked up to the mirror and washed my face i put on my training sweat pants and a ruby red sweatshirt with iron armor on the outside for breakfast i ate a banana with oatmeal and tea as always sensei wu says healthy breakfast makes us stronger and healthier .i went to the training room and began running then i dropped to the ground and jumped up dropped to the ground and jumped up . Finally sensei wu came in with kai he said that we were supposed to fight together i looked at kai and smiled he WAS a worthy opponent . We smiled and then sensei said ninja GOI slashed him with a staff which he deflected with his sword of firefire.Ive never been jealous but he was getting on my nerves how he always beat me. I wasnt gonna let that happen this time he waved the sword at me which i easily dodged and i started slashing at the sword i went side to side up in down but he still was protecting himself . He was now coming towards me but not slow but FAST i backflipped and jumped on the wall and jumped on him knocking him over then i pointed the dagger to his neck i smiled and helped him up. sensei came out of the background and said very well done but we need more training.i moaned and wondered" why is he making us do training" i looked at senseis smile he said"the big day is coming.

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