Mr. E 2.0 is the 4th general of the Sons Of Garmadon. He has a crush on Harumi.

History Edit

Hunted Edit

Radio-Free Ninjago Edit

Mr. E 2.0 was created by super-scientist Dagojo, and had loads of work. Whilst training, Mr. E 2.0 fell in love with Harumi. Sadly, Dagojo informed him that he was a robot and she is a human.

Saving Faith Edit

Mr. E 2.0 gained his past memories and watched the battle for the Colossi. After watching Dagojo block in Harumi, Mr. E 2.0 chased after the former, backstabbing him in the process. Mr. E 2.0 expressed his feelings to Harumi and the two watched Lloyd locking eyes with them, seemingly getting killed in the process.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the latest character to redeem and get killed.
  • He was cut out of the US and UK versions of Hunted due to his crush on Harumi.