Affiliation Ninja
Weapon of choice Any historical Weapon
Element Silver
First Appearance Ninjago
Status Alive and Well
Voiced by Kathleen Barr
Season 2

Ever since Misako was little, she loved history. She devoted her time and effort studying it. Then she found a letter written by Wu but signed by Garmadon. She eventually chose Garmadon, marrying him, and having a child with him named Lloyd. Then Garmadon disappeared. She assumed he left her, but in reality he was corrupted by evil, and banished to the Underworld. She doesn't regret too much the years she missed with Wu, because she knows that evil caused him sign the letter, against his better judgement. Intelligent and accomplished, Misako worked as an archaeologist at the Ninjago Museum of History and is also a Spinjitzu master and an expert on NINJAGO mythology. Although she is an academic, she is also a lover of adventure and has never been content to sit behind a desk. Misako knew Lloyd would become the Green Ninja someday, and so enrolled him at Darkly’s Boarding School for Bad Boys while she researched the prophecy of the Green Ninja. After reuniting with Lloyd, she became involved in many of the ninja’s adventures. She threw herself into her archaeological research, hoping to uncover a way for her son and husband to avoid their inevitable final battle. She is overjoyed to be reunited with Lloyd and to see the young man he’s become today. She saved both her son and husband in the end, by commanding the Stone Army and using the Golden Mech to battle the Overlord.

Season 3

Misako is happy to have Garmadon back and is focused on rebuilding her relationship with him. But her joy is counterbalanced by her anger over Wu turning evil, due to the machinations of the Digital Overlord. After so many years of heartbreak over the fate of Garmadon, it is almost too much to bear to think she might now lose him. Though he bravely faces the Overlord, but instead shrinking Pythor.

Season 4

After the loss of her husband, she is devastated. Now Misako is working at rebuilding the relationship she once shared with Wu. Although she mildly regrets all the time lost that she could have spent with Wu, she still honors Garmadon’s sacrifice when her husband gives his life to save the world, and Misako.

Season 5

Misako was thinking about retirement when she bought the tea farm with Master Wu. Now any thoughts of a few customers and tranquil evenings on the plantation are gone. Instead Misako finds herself busy helping Nya unlock her true potential as Morro threatens all the realms. She eventually discovers her own true potential as well, becoming the Elemental Master of Silver. Then both use their powers to drown the Preeminent, becoming Ninjago's heroes.

Season 6

Lloyd’s mother, Misako, is mentoring Nya and encouraging her to chart her own course, rather than letting others determine who she is. Misako is trying to save Lloyd in the City of Stiix and is ambushed by Nadakhan, who she bravely fights off and prevents him from taking over Ninjago by capturing him in the Teapot of Tyrann.

Season 7

Misako has a dark secret to hide. Eventually Misako realizes that in order for Lloyd to complete his growth as a leader, he and the others must know the truth about their Sensei. Sensei Misako had struck a deal with the Time Twins : She gives them Intel on the Ninja, and they won't kill Wu.