Min-Li is a character created by Sensei Purplebrick. Please do not modify anything without her permission.




When she was younger, Min-Li had curly blond hair and blue eyes. During the events of The Light Meets the Dark, her hair is white from old age.


Min-Li is not sure of her backstory. The best guess she can make is that at the age of 13 she had an accident that caused her to have amnesia. Nobody having claimed her afterwards, she guesses that she was either orphaned or abandoned around the time of the accident, or possibly before. Either way, all she remembers is her name.

Not long after this accident, she discovered she had two elements: Fire and Ice. Having nowhere to go, she joined a ninja school and trained there. Though she was an excellent student, she never fit in with her peers and had no friends until she met Wei, an old man and a former ninja.

Fiery Ice (Spoilers)Edit

Min-Li meets a ninja named [new name tbd] who seems to accept her for her lack of memory and family. They work together to defeat the sudden uprising of Bone Spiders. This goes on for a while until he reveals his true colors along with his identity: Deorc. It turned out that it was the ninja himself who had released the spiders.

This leads to him capturing her, where she is rescued by Jason, a Master of the Mind. They stop Deorc's evil plot and even find Min-Li's home and family.

The Light Meets the Dark (Spoilers)Edit

Min-Li is much older now and trains several young ninja (most of them elemental masters like herself). When her student Millie spots her old enemy Deorc lurking just outside the city, she quickly sends the girl's brother Aaron with a message to her longtime but disconnected friend who often goes by The Old Master.

Later, she helps her students prepare for the fight against Keara and her Darkthing army.


Min-Li uses a katana... In theory. She almost exclusively uses her two elements for combat. Her favorite way to use her elements are by making flaming snowballs- yeah, nobody knows how that works.

Fun FactsEdit

Min-Li's name (and some of her friends' names) are Chinese. "Min" means "bright", and "Li" means "beautiful".

Wei's name means "great"