Miku's POV

I got on the plane and flew up in the air. In the past, maybe before NASA starts now, after six flights, I finally became part of the shuttle program! The shuttle was only half built when i was seven! When I was eight, the first one was enterpise. When I went to the countdown, Columbia appeared! When Columbia first launched, I was there to see it. After the Challenger broke apart, Discovery, the third shuttle, and Hubble were released. I got to see the crew after landing alongside Teto. I also got the news about the fourth shuttle. I  talked to Teto about Endeavour, the fourth shuttle. I was excited for the Atlantis, the fifth shuttle. When I became a Vocaloid, Atlantis started up for the final time. When Atlantis launched the final time, I was happy and sad at the same time.

Later, I'll tell the present day NASA to bring them back. I'll be the first Vocaloid on the moon.

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