Mega Man is a character from Capcom's Mega Man series, and the main protagonist of the Mega Man fan comic. He is a major character in the Ninjago vs. Mega Man: Worlds in Danger crossover.


Mega Man was created as a lab assistant named Rock by Dr. Thomas Light. When Dr. Light's old partner Dr. Albert W. Wily steals the other Robot Masters, and fails to reprogram Rock, Rock volunteers to fight the robots. Dr. Light proceeds to upgrade Rock to an advanced fighting robot called Mega Man. He, along with his brother Proto Man, defeat Wily and trash his operation.


As Rock, Mega Man wears a white T-shirt with blue sleeves and denim shorts. He has brown spiky hair and, unlike future characters with the same name, has blue eyes. As Mega Man, he still has blue eyes and brown hair, but now wears a cyan body suit, with blue gauntlets, boots, "hero briefs", and a helmet with cyan audio receptors and a marking that, if looked at closely looks like an exclamation point. His hand can fold into a gun called the Mega Buster.

Role in Ninjago vs. Mega Man: Worlds in DangerEdit

To be continued…

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