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Maria is Zap 's sister and Clark 's love interest. She travels around the world to help stop the falling demons' colorful crystal blood. Zap and Maria saved their parents, Jay and Nya , from the Shadow Ninja when Jaz was a young woman. With the help of Jaz, they will surely stop the demon's color cyrstal. Her brother Jason is the Shadow Ninja's dark shadow. The sharp crystal poked Jason and caused him to turn evil. Maria a Ninja of Fire and the samurai. She is nicknamed Sammaria. She, just like her mother, is very creative, strange, and talkative. She's still being trained for Spinjitzu, but she shall be a Future Ninja and the Samurai of Fire. Her worst enemies are the scorpions.

Chapter 1: The Future Ninja Grow UpEdit

Chapter removed due to inappropriate sexual content

Chapter 2: Jane's Bad Cousin and Clark's best friendEdit

Maria: Sensei, I'm tired of training. I'm going to sleep.

Sensei Lloyd: No, do not go to bed. Train some more.

Josh: (knocks on the door and walks in) Hey Jane! Wanna be a Shadow Ninja?

Clark: Why should she be a Shadow Ninja? You killed my father, my uncle, Zap and Maria's parents, and Titor's older brother!

Josh: No, I'm not the real Shadow Ninja! My name's Josh.

Sensei Lloyd: It's just Jane's cousin, Clark.

Josh: I saw the Shadow army, and I came here to warn you. Please, help me!

(Cut to outside)

Shadow Ninja: Well, the Ultra Dragon is gone! Shadow Army, attack!

(Maria calls for the Ultra Dragon, and it appears.)

Shadow Ninja: Oh boy...retreat!

Josh: Alright! Party time!

Maria: Hey Sensei, can we have a party?

Sensei Lloyd: Patience! We shall go back to the Monastery and continue training.

Maria, Zap, Titor, Clark, and Josh: Yes, Sensei.

(They all walk back to the Monastery.)

Shadow King: Well, it looks like Jason will have to be a kid. (laughs evilly)

Chapter 3: The PartyEdit

Clark: Maria...I-I love you.

Maria: I love you too Clark...will you be my boyfriend?

Clark: Yes, I will be your boyfriend.

Maria: Great! Now let's dance.

Clark: (smiles) Yes, let's dance.

(Maria and Clark dance to a slow song.)

Zap: Wow, Maria and Clark are great dancers.

Josh: Man, I'm having a BLAST with this party!

Titor: Yeah, partying is awesome!

(Everyone else agrees that this party is amazing.)

(30 hours later...)

Sensei Lloyd: Alright Ninja, I'm back- hey, what are you all doing in here? All of you, get out! This is not party house!

(Everyone except the Ninja leaves the Mojo Dojo.)

Sensei Lloyd: And stay out! Ninja, get back to training!

Clark: Well, Maria, today is my best day ever.

Maria: Yeah, I really enjoyed today.

Man: (on the intercom as random spotlights swirl around) And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! The king and queen for this year's prom are...Clark and Maria!

(The spotlights stop on them, much to their surprise.)

Clark: I guess we'll have one more dance... (takes Maria's hand, and they go dance together)

Chapter 4: Obtaining the ZX SuitEdit

Sensei Lloyd: Ninja, I present to you your ZX suits.

Clark: Wow, these look great! Thank you Sensei.

(Sensei Lloyd nods his head. The others put on their suits and look at them in admiration.)

Clark: Rememer guys, we are a team!

Clark, Maria, Zap, Titor: Teamwork!

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