Magic Skycable Digibox - Part 2





Original Airdate

June 9, 2014

Song and Short

Love Like This/Let's Play Hide and Seed - Part 2

That's All Folks

Porky Pig


Magic Skycable Digibox - Part 1


Lego Ninjago (Fanon Version)

Reads to Talk

Transcript 2

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A group of female heroes and villains are kidnapped by the demonic queen's henchmen after darlyn accidentally gets a giant bomb from a big tree.


Darlyn finds herself in the ruined land of the demonic alien worms. A demonic henchman is dead because Darlyn, but her two friends slowly work out the ways. Darlyn realizes that something is wrong and quickly calls the heroes' doctor, Dr. Katy Robinson.

She comes over to a hospital and gives SpongeBob a treatment full of heroic powers. Darlyn asks Robin to give Finn and Jake the injection as he is squeamish. Robin reluctantly agrees and, while trying to inject Finn and Jake, accidentally injects Darlyn with heroic powers, causing Darlyn to worry about the consequences.

Upon realizing that Finn and Jake only needed candy-flavored drinks, Robin leaves, telling Darlyn not to worry. Sometime later, Darlyn starts doing things rather faster than usul and somewhat acts like a superhero as well as eating Finn's candy and dressing herself in an ugly costume. When she goes to the bathroom, her brain goes stupid out of her mind and turns smart, her ugly costume turning into a nice metal one. Her helmet turns into a pink and decorated one. As a finished result, Darlyn has turned into a Rainbow Hearts hero.

Darlyn, nicknamed Emma Stronger, goes over to the mission lab to get help, but Katy is terrified of the fact that Darlyn turned into a superhero because of her lousy aim. She throws the heroes' powers away, tries to block the doors and windows, and tries to run and hide from E.S. E.S. chases her around for help, but she sees that an arrow is gone. Darlyn will have to help save the female heroes from the demonic queen as well. The demonic queen dies while Darlyn is sent home. She goes back to school but then discovers a villain named Lord Phineus Phibes who wants to destroy the heroes forever.

In the Epilogue, a Sumatran Rat-Monkey bursts out of the demonic queen's body.


Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman

Finn Mertens

Jake Whiteson

Katy Robinson (debut)

Teen Titans

Hive Five Members

Demonic Queen

Demonic Henchman

Sumatran Rat Monkey (debut)

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