Magic Skycable Digibox - Part 1
The Water Kingdoms Palace Throne Room





Original Airdate

June 9, 2014

Song and Short

Party in the USA, Let's Play Hide and Seed

That's All Folks

Porky Pig




Magic Skycable Digibox - Part 2

Reads to Talk


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A young household girl was stuck in the digibox. She figured out how to find herself and meet her new friend.


A narrator describes two royal children who ruled over the magical land of rainbows. The children use their powers to raise the rainbow while Dr. Phineus Phibes touches the Crystal of Darkness. He becomes an evil wizard when Garmadon shakes his hand. Before he turns to evil or good, they steal the rainbow while Anne and Emma, stronger, go to Darlyn's house. It's up to Darlyn Mae, a twelve-year-old girl, and her friends to stop evil.

Darlyn looks for a token, and she sees magic while she accidentally finds the token of rainbow hearts, and she puts it in the digibox. She's then dragged into a magical world called Rainbow Hearts.

Her two friends, Finn and Jake, are part of the Teen Titans crew, who try create crystal water and poison the demonic queen so that they will not be demons, but the supposed crystal turns out to be a potion, which leads to the demonic queen's death. Meanwhile, the Titans call some people to a meeting and get them to agree to their plan to defeat the demon in exchange for a party. Darlyn's first nickname is revealed to be D.M., which Brother Bloods finds hysterical. The other students then attack the demonic alien worms, but they end up in a cave where it's safe.


Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman (debut)

Finn Mertens (debut)

Jake Whiteson (debut)

Teens Titans Crew (debut)

Hive Five Members (debut)

Dianne Katherine P. de Guzman (debut, in the photo's frame)

Mr. de Guzman (debut, in the photo's frame)

Mrs. de Guzman (debut, in the photo's frame)

Daphne Anne p. de Guzman (debut, in the photo's frame)

Adam Mertens (debut, in the photo's locket)

Tom Whiteson (debut, in the photo's locket)

fionna Mertens (debut, in the photo's locket)

cake whiteson (debut, in the photo's locket)

Mr. and Mrs. Mertens (debut, in the photo's locket)

Mr. And Mrs. Whiteson (debut, in the photo's locket)

Demonic Queen (debut)

Demonic Alien Worms (debut)

Demonic Henchman (debut)

Pinky the Hamster (debut)

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