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A Maelstrom Flying Ship

It is a vehicle used by The Overlord and The Serpentine.Later it was used by the Ninja and it helped them to fight many villains in Ninjago. It was designed by Nya .it had a very good design of Red and Blue. In the Shroob12 Universe it was an evil ship carrying The Overlord. The ship was overtaken by The Ninja from The Overlord and later P.I.X.A.L and Nya modified it into a Living Quarters and a fully functioning battle ship,more or less The Destiny's Bounty. P.I.X.A.L and Nya got some assistance from Ed and Edna.It can also transform into a ship.

History Edit

The Overlord created the ship using Dark Matter and the remains of the Garmatron. When they came to wreck havoc on Ninjago and kill the Ninja,they launched a missle which was targeted towards the Ninja and it harmed them. But the ninja created the Mega Absorption vehicle by the Tornado of Creation and some of Vengestone and absorbed all the powers of The Overlord and forced him into giving up the Maelstorm Fying Ship and told him to leave with his followers and apprentices. Later Nya,P.I.X.A.L,Ed and Edna purified it completely of all Dark Matter and transformed it into a fully functional,converting,headquarter ship and living quarters. It served as a Headquarter and Living Quarters to Nya,Ed,Edna,Zane,Kai,Jay,Cole,Lloyd and Misako. It even helped them to fight numerous battles against intruders of Ninjago.