Lucas Marodin is the Water Ninja for The New Ninja. He first trained as a ninja at the age of 8 in 1987. His father, Kayn, was the Master of Water before him and his mother, Lisa, was the Master of Earth before his brother James. He is the cousin of skilled archer Arro.



Lucas was born in England in 1979. His father, Kayn Marodin, and mother, Lisa Marodin, were Elemental Masters at the time. He was raised in Torroville, Florida, where he met Zack Selet (the green ninja), Dave Genliser (the red ninja), Macy Jones (the blue ninja) and Lloyd Selet (his sensei). In 1998, he moved back to England and married Lucy Enlister (the orange ninja). One year later in 1999 he had a son called Leo and then moved back to Torroville with his family.

Ninja CareerEdit

Lucas co-founded The New Ninja along with Zack Selet. He helped banish Zukan and Clouse to the Cursed Realm.


  • Lucas was the second person to join The New Ninja.
  • Lucas was the fourth ninja to unlock his true potential.
  • He received the Water Blade (the 5th golden weapon) as a gift from his father.